Saiber Quotes

Saiber Quotes

The summer in you
calms the winter in me.

I see specks
of the Universe in your eyes.

A body of stardust
that gives me a high.

And when we make love
the stars shine brighter than usual.

When we lie there
holding each other,

I see love making us.

Choose wisely
From those who start
A fire in your heart.

Some may burn you to shreds,
While you were looking for warmth.

Outline of your frame
My paper witness your silhouette
Sipping in coffee
My muse, my Juliet.

Afternoon spent,
In hungry desires
Ending with a kiss
On your coffee lips.

I do not blame him
for not knowing
the gentleness of my soul.

When I only showed him,
how violently
I loved.

When did you first fall in love?"

"I think, I first fell in love
when I was in fifth grade
with this boy who kept his glass ruler in the sunlight
and made rainbows on my desk with it.

How did you know it was love?"

"It never really hurt this much before.

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