Saleem Sharma Quotes

Saleem Sharma Quotes

If he's not real, you'll know. Men have never washed a rented car.

The truth about people is that there are more fakes than originals.

The most overpowering will is the will to not work.

As we grow up, nothing changes more than the definition of loss.

Your woman should always be short of words and full of kisses.

To stand a storm and get blown away by her whisper.

Beauty is when the beauty within reflects exactly on the outside.

I wish that the last breath of your life is a sigh of relief.

What's the story of
the hidden daisies among the roses,
& the stars which break at the dawn,
or the littered leaves after the storm.

A tank full of life and a running tap.

Some people make a difference, some people make you different.

Women are suspicious. Men are devious. Infinite loop.

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