Scott Hastie Quotes

Scott Hastie Quotes

To have been where you have been
And to still have joy,
Dazzling in your heart,
Now there’s a thing to make the whole world smile.

The light needs only our trust
And, of course, the darkness
To work its eternal alchemy.

Disparate energies come together
That have never been aligned before.
And so bound,
Is the world illuminated,
Changed forever in an instant…

Sublime moments refracted,
Even if only for seconds,
Caught forever in your soul.

Life, wherever it leads,
Will always be the same,
It begs for the best of you.

Such is true joy’s absolute certainty,
Its slow lit fuse that burns holes
In the shabby shroud of death forever.

The sacred bequest
Of times long spent with your heart
That saturate and illuminate you now
So piercingly…

Already I ache for all the lives
I will never be a part of.

Where once there was a void,
Now at least there are
Seeds of splendour,
Becalmed belief for another time.

Be as audacious
As you wish.
By all means look to the heavens.

In this life at least,
Our fate is rarely epic.
Maybe just as well,
Impervious heroes we are not…

Paradise is no whim.
It takes time and trust,
You see.

Sacred space in which
To distil, like amber,
The best of your love.

We too can repair our cracks with gold
And glow again.
Crazed by life,
More beautiful than ever before.

For every moment of suffering,
Others will arrive
That will instead pierce you with joy.

Once spun,
The silken thread of all our aspirations
Remains intact,
It can never be broken.

When in love or inspired,
An eternal kiss from the divine
Awaits us all.

Everyday can be extraordinary
And ripe,
Like a flower burst,
If the will is there.

A permanent path
That, once illuminated,
Goes ever onward – a way home…

Ultimately not one amongst us
Will ever be denied that,
The glimmer of a chance to shine.

Every new day
Our children's joy is as fresh as roses,
Even the birds chatter at dawn.

On the canvas of life,
Every sweep of the brush matters,
Counts for something…

How stubborn life is,
It clings like silver in our souls.

And so we smile on,
Feeding the truths we share
With a union of our souls,
Cathedral slaves of our passion
Which builds beauty amongst chaos.

Here, illuminated at last,
Nestles the ruddy glint of spiritual certainty;
Sweet moments of passion and healing,
Of sensual release.

The sea, the sea…
Man alone,
Passive, unaware
In his elemental sadness.

Be brave enough to never yearn
For that you cannot hold close
In your heart forever.
Tread lightly, cherish compassion
And live in the moment without fear.

There can be no law of nature, no science,
No aberrant infliction of human will
That unchained the soul cannot conquer,
Simply sweep away, should it chose to.

I knew such a woman once,
She gave me everything.
Her love like a soft riot singing,
She knew how to shine.

I am just like you,
Destined to play my part.
And leave,
In the nature of my departure at least,
Some kind of sweet message behind
In the fathomless pattern I make.

A stream of primal voices
Whispering in the breeze of your heart
To urge you on.

Open the doors of your heart and they will come…
And for every cruel arrow,
Sweet caresses of delirium also
To nourish your soul.

Be content to love, to dazzle in the light,
If only for moments…
And then be gone,
With gladness in your heart,
Before the creeping shadows
Claim too much your sadness at leaving.

The smiles of ancient souls
That bless this,
Our space to live and learn
And urge us on to shine again…

Birth our night into day
And bathe it clean,
So that beloved things can glow
Together in a litter of light.

The gilded spiral
Of longings within.
Our very own cathedral
That points persistently to heaven.

Sense how
Even the smooth stones ache
With stories of their own
In the shuddering light of day.

Nothing that truly matters
Can ever evaporate,
Be excised,
Burnt out of your soul.

I am sad, like the hot dust on the streets
And the music of fresh fallen leaves
Caught in a sliding summer breeze.

Soothing the exhaustion
In my soul,
So I can fall back skyward,
Safe in your arms,
And survive to dream again.

Mislaid flame of tender emotions
Together we live to the point of tears,
I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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