Sean Patrick Brennan Quotes

Sean Patrick Brennan Quotes

You must trust in your inner being of light, the angel you already are.

God can only show you eternity if you are willing to let go completely of the now.

Unrequited love has as much to do with sex as a pillow does. Sure, it’s often part of the process, but it exists on its own whether or not naked people are grinding into each other nearby.

Know that God loves you very, very much. And remind others that they are loved too. If they don’t want to hear that God loves them, then tell them you love them. It will be just as important! Beliefs vary, but love always works!

Live in the present. Tomorrow is a puzzle you can only solve with the answers you find today.

When you think with your human minds and act with your human bodies, you’ll get human results left and right all the time. It’s logical! But when you think and act from your soul, when you live this life like it’s already your eternal life, you are able to do so much more.

True soul pulses with a knowing every hour of the day. It does not fall asleep when the body does, and it does not rest when the mind falls off into a dream state. The truest soul within you is that part of you which you can never forget, never lose touch with, never be lost in, because it is always and forever at one with God.

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