Sebastian Faulks Quotes

Sebastian Faulks Quotes

I want to be careful not to throw all this away. This is happiness. I think this is what happiness is. I haven't got it yet, but I can sense it out there. I feel I'm close to it. Some days, I'm so close I can almost smell it.

The thought of all that happiness was hard to bear. What's the point of happiness when all it does is throw the facts of dying into clear relief?

That sense of happiness just out beyond my reach - I'm not sure I'd grasped that exactly, but I'd got something close to it, contentment maybe, or at least a functioning routine with regular rewards.

There was a pretty young woman I used to see pegging out sheets and I worried that she would grow old there and that no one would know how beautiful she was. And maybe she would die without ever having really lived.

I looked at him on the bed. He coughed once and a trail of brownish dead blood came out of his mouth and ran down the side of his chin. Then he stopped breathing. And I thought, I'll make sure I never end up here, either.

. . . she read with undifferentiated glee . . .

And sometimes in life, I imagine, good things do happen. Most of the time, it's the opposite, obviously. But I don't think you should rule out the possibility that just occasionally chance might deal you a good card.

You put your time where your priority is.

We're not really conscious of what we're doing most of the time.

Time makes us pointless.

Until we can navigate in time, I'm not sure that we can prove that what happened is real.

I breathed and breathed and did feel some calmness enter in, though it was, as always, shot with a sense of loss. Loss and fear.

All reality about me now appeared to be in tatters, taken down and reduced to the civil war of its particles. I held on very, very tight indeed.

I know. I was there. I saw the great void in your soul, and you saw mine.

This is not a war, this is a test of how far man can be degraded

And in that history you're trying to connect to something that once was yours - to something purer, better, something that you lost or something, maybe, that you never knew but that you feel you knew.

The physical shock took away the pain of being.

The thing about opium is that it makes pain or difficulty unimaginable.

It was entirely silent and I tried to breathe its peace.

We're deaf men working as musicians; we play the music but we can't hear it.

A bit of the vagueness of music stops you going completely mad, I imagine.

It's only after the change is fully formed that you can see what's happened.

How grand, to be a Doctor of whatever and to weigh up and decide people's future.

My own diagnosis of my problem is a simpler one. It’s that I share 50 per cent of my genome with a banana and 98 per cent with a chimpanzee. Banana’s don’t do psychological consistency. And the tiny part of us that’s different - the special Homo sapiens bit - is faulty. It doesn’t work. Sorry about that.

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