Sebastian Junger Quotes

Sebastian Junger Quotes

War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.

Each Javelin round costs $80,000, and the idea that it's fired by a guy who doesn't make that in a year at a guy who doesn't make that in a lifetime is somehow so outrageous it almost makes the war seem winnable.

War is a lot of things and it's useless to pretend that exciting isn't one of them. (pg. 144)

Maybe the ultimate wound is the one that makes you miss the war you got it in.

...much of modern military tactics is geared toward maneuvering the enemy into a position where they can essentially be massacred from safety. (pg. 140)

The army consists of the first infantry division and eight million replacements.

The Army might screw you and your girlfriend might dump you and the enemy might kill you, but the shared commitment to safeguard one another’s lives is unnegotiable and only deepens with time. The willingness to die for another person is a form of love that even religions fail to inspire, and the experience of it changes a person profoundly.

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