Shaun Hick Quotes

Shaun Hick Quotes

I have often believed the pen to be a needle, and ink to be a thread. Each story is an intricately woven tapestry and with each word I invariably sew a piece of myself into the page.

Nothing listens as well as a blank page.

Pencil. Paper. Forget the world.

This is for you, for your breath, whose absence would lessen a greater world.

You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.

Cancer gave me an understanding of the point of all this. To survive. Most of our lives it is easy but for the moments when it becomes difficult, when accident or sickness or sadness strikes, it's just about remembering one thing. You must simply survive.

There is greater clarity in the still waters of sadness, something not found in the babbling brooks of more sought after emotions.

I ache to swim again. Walking’s for mammals.

I saw you before. All your flaws, your imperfections. Your body’s going to a lot of trouble to hide something, something inside of you. It must be very precious.

You smile and draw me near and whisper, "Do as dreamers do."
I lean to you and whisper in your ear, "I cannot dream tonight my Dear. For it is you.

And the man who dreamt of flight has tripped and fallen in a hole.

We are more than the person who wakes each day. We are the dreams of the previous night and the nightmares of the week before.

Eyes so young, so full of pain ... Two lonely drops of winter rain ... And no tear could these eyes sustain ... For too much had they seen.

I hasten to sleep so that I might dream
and colour my mind with a myriad of things.

A night of crying has silenced me. This morning it seems the whole world is against me. I've never before felt so barren, so empty. I've never before thought the daylight to be ... my enemy. My enemy.

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