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Stacey T. Hunt

Never give up. Dare to Dream. Dare to believe.. Stacey T. Hunt
Never give up. Dare to Dream. Dare to believe.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

With our writings, we can right the world.

Jamie McCall

See it, learn it, do it ALL.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

When male authors write love stories, the heroine tends to end up dead.

Roman Payne

She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She
She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city

John Green

Maybe 'Okay' will be our 'always'...

Marston James

To reach the pinnacle of your writings potential; productivity becomes obsolete.

Nikki Rowe

We all have a vision, a dream to hope for.
Some chase it and some wish upon it..
Who do you think, wins?
the chaser finds ways to create it, regardless of the fight, the wisher finds way to excuse it, because courage doesn't fill their hearts.

Roman Payne

When I touched her body,
I believed she was God.
In the curves of her form
I found the birth of Man,
the creation of the world,
and the origin of all life.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Thoughts guide you everyday. They become your choices. If you're not happy with your life, change your thoughts. Think more positive.

Shannon Hale

Being a writer is a good, good thing.

Vladimir Nabokov

The good, the admirable reader identifies himself not with the boy or the girl in the book, but with the mind that conceived and composed that book.

Alex De Campi

There's nothing on Earth like really nailing the last line of a big book. You have 200 pages to tickle their fancy, and seven words to break their heart.

Charles Dickens

It is no worse, because I write of it. It would be no better, if I
It is no worse, because I write of it. It would be no better, if I stopped my most unwilling hand. Nothing can undo it; nothing can make it otherwise than as it was.

Dana Stabenow

To be a writer is to embrace rejection as a way of life.

Sarah Gilbert

You've got to be smart enough to write and stupid enough not to think about all the things that might go wrong.

C.K. Webb

Most people keep their dreams to themselves, afraid to follow their hearts. Writers make their dreams a reality with each word, each line that flows from their pen.

A. Jarrell Hayes

Give a poet a pen

Shandy L. Kurth

Ending a series is a difficult one .......where should a story that you have followed for so long end? When do you step away from the characters and let the readers decide their fate from there? When they can stand on their own is my only answer for that.

Wendy Swore

Sometimes writing everyday is like pulling teeth, painful, but necessary.

Arti Honrao

I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings.

Anne Tyler

The one ironclad rule is that I have to try. I have to walk into my writing room and pick up my pen every weekday morning.

Dani Harper

If you hear voices, you’re a lunatic. If you write down what they say, you’re an author.

Kai Strand

When you write, you are telling a yourself. When you revise, you are telling a story to yourself...over and over again.

Richard P. Denney

I'm not trying to please anyone. I'm just trying to write a damn book.

Ren Garcia

Trying to live up to yourself is the most trying thing.

Lori R. Lopez

I'm the first to admit that I don't write right. Now, relax and enjoy the show! The sideshow, that is.

Washington Irving

The only happy author in this world is he who is below the care of reputation.

Henry Adams

The difference is slight, to the influence of an author, whether he is read by five hundred readers, or by five hundred thousand; if he can select the five hundred, he reaches the five hundred thousand.

Richelle E. Goodrich

The crazy thing about poetry is how its simplicity makes it complicated.

Denise Robbins

Life's adventures make great reading!

Bob Mayer

Content is King. Promotion is Queen

Channing Pollock

A critic is a legless man who teaches other people to run

John Bunyan

Now may this little Book a blessing be
To those that love this little Book, and me:
And may its Buyer have no cause to say,
His money is but lost, or thrown away.

Anasia Nicole Hixon

Let your words be your voice. And let your voice be heard within the hearts of others.

Larry Brooks

But writers experience the world and themselves in a unique way. We look for meaning. We see it even when we are not paying attention, which is seldom because, as writers, paying attention is what we do. We are scribes to the ticking of the days, and we have a job to do. We are not at peace unless we are doing it.

Shandy L. Kurth

...ending a book with a sequel in such a way that the reader still has faith in the characters and in the writer. That's finesse.

Latif Mercado

Never Let The Roosters Wake You!

Ryan Lilly

Quotes are echos of voices transporting wisdom, humor, and love. Returning again to the human condition, fleeting once more as a dove.

Ryan Lilly

A quote is a story, suspended in a sentence and treasured through time.

V.M. Sawh

Blank pages are like monsters that haunt my dreams until I feed them words.

David Nicholls

There seemed no reason why she shouldn't try writing something in between, but she was discovering once again that reading and writing were not the same - you couldn't just soak it up and then squeeze it out again.

Evelyn Leilou Colon

Surviving a stupor of madness,
drunk silence 'have we not fingered the foulest wounds and left them unhealed ?

Evelyn Leilou Colon

I must kill some memories,
the heavy ones first and after
make righteous of my un-even soul.

Charles M. Heyworth

To describe an emotion is to feel with words. To communicate a moment of existence is to bridge the eternal and the temporal with an intellectual engagement of body, soul, spirit, and mind. To write, therefore is to entangle the mysteries of the universe in a collection of words, a web of ideas, a single drop of ink on a page.

Rosie O'Donnell

I'd always admired writers. I'd always loved words on a page. Somehow, words seemed to bypass image and get straight to the heart of things. Somehow, words seemed big enough to contain pain, and sentences could pull broken bits together.

Carew Papritz

Just because you're breathing, doesn't mean you're alive.

Ryan Lilly

I surround myself with books when I write, thus surrounding myself with writers... only they don't critique me and then get up for coffee.

Ryan Lilly

A hammer made of deadlines is the surest tool for crushing writer's block.

E.A. Bucchianeri

Free time is a terrible thing to waste. Read a book.

Jamie L. Harding

Writing is about taking everyday observations, things which people see almost every day of their lives, and yet bringing it to their attention for the very first time.

L.J. DeVet

The pages of a book are given life only as they are opened

Richelle E. Goodrich

I read so I might live a thousand lives in a lifetime. I write to control the particulars in those lives.

Daniel Willey

Ever since I could read, I’ve wanted to write a book. I never thought I had anything to write about. Maybe you don’t think this is worth writing about. But this book isn’t for you. It’s for me.

Jamie L. Harding

The best thing about being a writer is that 'work' is always something you love, plus usually accompanied by tea, coffee and cakes of some sort.

Jamie L. Harding

If you're going to fall in love with anyone, fall in love with a writer. Allow yourself to become immortalised in words.

S.L. Walker

It's more important to be read than paid.

Lina Lapina

Writing is like a mental masturbation to me.

Michelle M. Pillow

People should know better than to be an ass in front of writers. We immortalize things. Lots of things. And we take liberties with character descriptions.

Nina Jean Slack

Writing has become more than just a profession, and hobby…it has become a way to express my feelings and pour my entire soul into the pages of my books. Thank God for the little things in life that makes us feel infinite and tranquil…the little things that make way for us to escape reality and enter new worlds that we create. -Nina Jean Slack

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

My words, my writing, my actions - these have never been for myself alone, either directly or indirectly. There is no such thing as an artist who creates art only for himself. That is masturbation.

Kia Carrington-Russell

Writing is like painting. You sketch it, add colour, add depth and detail. You give it a final layer and then hang it proudly.

Sara Sheridan

The financial value put on the job of the writer and the misconceptions around that make it extremely difficult to enter the profession.

Diana Rose Morcilla

Our every action has consequences. Thoughts have consequences. Since actions start from thoughts I guess I can say technically that thoughts in general have consequences. In our thoughts we make dreams. So if I think I can do it, then my actions will be "I CAN" and I am able to do it. So the result or the consequence will be "I did it!".

Michelle M. Pillow

Publishing is a business and writing is an art. The two have to be crammed together despite the clearly different motivations behind them.

Aoboshi Kimama

I'm going to be a person who writes stories.

I never told mom and dad how much I loved them.

I wanna be someone who can tell a lot of people how much I love them.

Lori Kay

why do I sleep? Because I dream, and that is where I hear the best stories and find the hidden destinations of life.

Tracie Molton

We all have a place within us, that would like to rewrite the way our life was written out for us....That's why people want to become authors.

Sol Luckman

The Adventure called and I followed with my thumb like a character being written by an intractable author. Which, of course, I was.

Nora Roberts

Grayson: Fiction is just a lie anyway.

Brianna: But it's not - it's a different kind of truth - it would be your truth at the time of the writing, wouldn't it?

Michelle M. Pillow

I love my career. It is a career. A difficult one that takes many hours and total dedication to my craft. It is also what I was born to do-tell stories and entertain.

Michelle M. Pillow

I heart my job. I get to make things up for a living.

Michelle M. Pillow

I wish life were a fiction novel. Then everyone would have to do what I say.

Richard P. Denney

The great thing about writing fiction is that you can do whatever the fuck you want, go as far as you are willing to go, and laugh at the people who take it seriously.

Michelle M. Pillow

I would make a HORRIBLE outlaw. I can plan the crime perfectly, but I'd also need to plan the outcomes to make it work.

Lillian R. Melendez

Not writing is never an option. This is not words of advice. It's just literally never an option!

Roland Barthes

Literature is that neuter, that composite, that oblique into which every subject escapes, the trap where all identity is lost, beginning with the very identity of the body that writes.

E.A. Bucchianeri

If you cannot judge a book by its cover, surely we should not judge an author by one book alone?

Wayne Hoss

Never write when you are not in the mood; when you are not feeling it. If the words do not flow freely, and come to you almost magically, then put it down and do not force yourself to write in the book, or it will reflect in your writing and it will be terribly obvious.

Munia Khan

A writer leads a hyphenated-life with words

Richelle E. Goodrich

I bleed words.
I dream in narrative.
I live in infinite worlds.
I befriend figmental characters.
I wish on stars in other galaxies.
I harvest stories from a brooding muse.
I bloom under moonlight in hushed seclusion.
I am a writer.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Three carefully stringed words are worth more than a book of gibberish. It's not the word count but the impact of those words that counts.

Aniruddha Sastikar

Every individual is an author in himself. It is only that he falls short of words to express; list of stories.

Steve K. Smy

An author is like a jeweller, with words as their gemstones and imagination the precious metals.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Why certainly, words possess power.  They do!  But releasing their magic requires combining and arranging those words in the right order.

Eugene Manlove Rhodes

Why is joy not considered a fit subject for an artist?

Sara Sheridan

I'm a professional writer and I consider it part of my job to publicise my work and these days part of that job is done online.

Michael J. Kannengieser

Writing is a craft, being an author is work, and having readers and a following is a gift.

Richelle E. Goodrich

No matter what you write, no matter how meticulous and painstaking the creation process, someone is going to laugh, scorn, and dissect your work with criticism while another quietly falls in love with it.

Kate Inglis

There's a magic to letting a story and its people unfold with witchcraft and late nights and walks in the woods. You don't lead a story. You follow it.

Shaun Hick

Pencil. Paper. Forget the world.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Artistry exists in everyone. What makes it blossom is a soul's personal desire to find an outlet for expression.

Filippo Bologna

So there are countless reasons to remain on this Godforsaken planet that was long considered the only world, if for no other reason than to learn the end of our story: what the author of our lives has not yet taken the trouble to finish.

Kate Forsyth

May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.

Richard P. Denney

A book series is never truly over. The story lives on, even when the final page has been turned.

Oswald Chambers

The author who benefits you most is not the one who tells you something you did not know before, but the one who gives expression to the truth that has been dumbly struggling in you for utterance.

L.M. Fields

I never talk back. I listen and always remember your every word, so come pen or mouse, never forget that I will treasure your thoughts forever. Yours truly, Paper.

Jess C. Scott

The brightest light casts the darkest shadow.

Melodie Ramone

Ignorance isn't a sword. It's a weight that drags a soul swirling to the bottom of the sea.

Nikki Rowe


Amaka Imani Nkosazana

In the Light of your Wisdom, You Shine. In the Midst of your Truth, Your Faith is Evident. From inside your Spirit, You are Love.

Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Idolatry happens when you worship or praise anything excessively to the point of causing you to believe it reigns supreme. All things on this earth are temporal, even your very own desires. Be careful that you do not create idols to worship.

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