Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann Quotes

Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann Quotes

The answer to everything; trust in your heart.

When I think; I'm talking to myself.

One day when I die, I will take your tears in me; as provision for my long journey to the gods.

We live in the river of being, if we truly live.

Do not underestimate the essent.

By the river of forgetfulness, I found honesty.

Elegance; it lacks the intellect -
he is not a dancer who dances to the beat of love - on the other hand, the heart, can not solve mathematical problems.

In a world of violence; Humanity needs more moments of confidence.

In dark moments of our existence; Life teaches us prudence.

At the end; I will say, I think, I have really loved.

You are my white angel of hope at the golden gate of glory.

The precious silence was prolonged with a sweet kiss.

My fragrant rose, in the Realm of the Senses, I can feel your shadow.

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