Intellect Quotes

George Eliot

Adventure is not outside man; it is within.. George Eliot
Adventure is not outside man; it is within.

Ayn Rand

We are on strike, we, the men of the mind.

We are on strike against self-immolation. We are on strike against the creed of unearned rewards and unrewarded duties. We are on strike against the dogma that the pursuit of one's happiness is evil. We are on strike against the doctrine that life is guilt.

Guru Nanak

Burn worldly love,
rub the ashes and make ink of it,
make the heart the pen,
the intellect the writer,
write that which has no end or limit.

Dean Koontz

Are you one of those people who uses words more for the sound than for the
Are you one of those people who uses words more for the sound than for the sense of them?

Michael Bassey Johnson

It is not in the gene of an Intellectually blinded person to experience the paradise in the writer's imagination.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Death people who are still alive at this hour, must resurrect and ascend to the intellectual
Death people who are still alive at this hour, must resurrect and ascend to the intellectual heaven where there is no ignorance.

Michael Bassey Johnson

The world is changing rapidly, and everyone changes along with the world. Discoveries is now becoming rampant; intellectually, technologically,etc, each having its advantage and disadvantage.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Intelligence is a way of thinking, not a choice of words.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Focus your attention on the quality of your words, and not the quantity, because few sensible talks attracts millions of listeners more than a thousand gibberish.

Michael Bassey Johnson

You're like candy. People lick your knowledge to become wise, lick your words from your powerful mouth and say it even better than you. Lick each step you make and stay on a good track, and once you're dead, the lickers scavenge for another intellectual candy.

Sigmund Freud

As regards intellectual work it remains a fact, indeed, that great decisions in the realm of thought and momentous discoveries and solutions of problems are only possible to an individual, working in solitude.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Virginity comes standard. A good head is earned.

Blaise Pascal

The infinite distance between the mind & the body is a symbol of the distance that is infinitely more, between the intellect & love, for love is divine.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Some writers aren't writers, they are mere escapees' and refugees' on an exile from the jungle of thoughts.

Raheel Farooq

The most crucial problem with intellectual learning is that it receives the unknown on the grounds of the known.

Carl Von Clausewitz

If the mind is to emerge unscathed from this relentless struggle with the unforeseen, two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.

Casper Odinson Cröwell

I offer no apologies to those whom I may have rendered uncomfortable with my open and honest assertions. The truth is often harsh and uncomfortable to embrace.

Fulton J. Sheen

Knowing belongs to man's intellect or reason; loving belongs to his will. The object of the intellect is truth; the object of the will is goodness or love.

John Piper

... the mind was designed not to defend what we want, but to discover what is ultimately true, which should shape our wants and satisfy them more deeply with God. The purpose of the mind is not to rationalize subjective preferences, but to recognize objective reality and to help the heart revel in God.


Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something..
Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Because there are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless.


I only know that I know nothing


Ideas are the source of all things

Madeleine L'Engle

When I start a new seminar I tell my students that I will undoubtedly contradict myself, and that I will mean both things. But an acceptance of contradiction is no excuse for fuzzy thinking. We do have to use our minds as far as they will take us, yet acknowledge that they cannot take us all the way.

Nandhi Tapasyogi

As we discard a limited mind and a life of limitation to step into the grandness of vastness, we realize infinity itself to be the Guru and all that we do as grace. As we traverse through consciousness that is the Guru, we become the Guru and each thought of ours is perfect in the now, as scriptures. Consciousness is the Guru, the wisdom.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Intelligence is just one dimension of ability. Don't limit yourself to it. Open up to instinct, intuition, creativity and thus possibility

Ravi Zacharias

Our intellect is not intended to be an end in itself, but only a means to the very mind of God.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The acquisition of knowledge is always of use to the intellect, because it may thus drive out useless things and retain the good. For nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first known.

Karen Swallow Prior

Rather than majoring in frivolities, women should be educated in useful subjects and 'be furnished with a stock of ideas, and principles, and qualifications, and habits, ready to be applied and appropriated…' - Hannah More

Erica Goros

Emotions are like muscles. Most of them go highly unattended, it's usually the weaker, undefined ones that cause injury to the rest, and there is most certainly memory response in play.

Antonio Gramsci

I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The curious mind embraces science; the gifted and sensitive, the arts; the practical, business; the leftover becomes an economist

Lev Grossman

Needless to say, that meant that the Braekbills student body was quite the psychological menagerie. Carrying that much onboard cognitive processing power had a way of distorting your personality. And to actually want to work that hard, you had to be at least a little bit screwed up.

Piero Scaruffi

Evolution did not design us to believe only true facts, nor to buy only useful products, nor to say only meaningful sentences

Philip Schuyler Allen

Wit had conquered science by laughing it out of court.

Idries Shah

The Sufis,' runs the saying, 'understand with their hearts what the most learned scholars cannot understand with their minds

Tariq Ramadan

Intellect is a part of a good faith. Intellect is the light, the heart is the direction.

John Milton

For books are not absolutely dead things, but do contain a potency of life in them to be as active as that soul was whose progeny they are; nay, they do preserve as in a vial the purest efficacy and extraction of that living intellect that bred them.

George R.R. Martin

I have a realistic grasp of my own strengths and weaknesses. My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind… and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That’s why I read so much, Jon Snow.

Margaret Mitchell

I wonder if anyone but me realizes what goes on in that head back of your deceptively sweet face.

Rush Limbaugh

He's one fry short of a Happy Meal.


Muscle is good, but craft is better

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Smartphones are tools which fools fiddle with when they are around people that they don’t have the courage, or, the intellect, to converse with.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Don't run around looking for someone who can sexually satisfy you, run around and look for the book which will intellectually satisfy you.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

It is better to read one intellectually challenging book every 12 months … than to read 12 entertaining books every month.

Oscar Wilde

I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellects.

Christmas Humphreys

We see, at least with intellect, that beyond both true and false is truth; that there is beauty beyond our present views on the beautiful and ugly; that pleasure-pain can now alike be transcended, and that some day we shall truly see that 'form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form'.

Michael Bassey Johnson

You can capture me with your beauty, only if you are a brilliant photographer.. Michael Bassey
You can capture me with your beauty, only if you are a brilliant photographer.

Michael Bassey Johnson

When you paint your lips, eye lids, nails or whatever, to look attractive, don't forget your up stairs(intellect) if you leave it behind, i will consider all other colors invalid.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Ladies and gentlemen, when you paint your lips, eyes, nails, hair, side-beards, or whatever, to look beautiful or handsome, don't forget your up stairs, if you don't go up there to put things in order, then, consider the former attributes null and void.

Abraham Kuyper

God created hand, head, and heart; the hand for the deed, the head for the world, the heart for mysticism.

Nenia Campbell

Humanity is a cage, and our puritanical sensibilities comprise the bars. We are confined by our own reason and intellect, and yet most of us don't even know it.

Kristie LeVangie

Arousal begins within the mind, then seeps out where fantasy propels physicality.

John F. Kennedy

Science contributes to our culture in many ways, as a creative intellectual activity in its own right, as the light which has served to illuminate man's place in the universe, and as the source of understanding of man's own nature.

Irving Singer

some of the happiest moments of my life have occurred just before I fall asleep or wake up, when I linger in that twilight world between consciousness and unconsciousness, in a state of somnolent repose but also savoring the vital goodness of remaining this close to the vegetative in myself

Narissa Doumani

When you see, not only intellectually but with your heart too, how we are all connected, how can you harm another? It's the same as harming oneself.

Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Elegance; it lacks the intellect -
he is not a dancer who dances to the beat of love - on the other hand, the heart, can not solve mathematical problems.

Raheel Farooq

The duty imposed on intellect by Life is not to suppress, but purify emotions.

Martin Luther King Jr.

What is more tragic than to see a person who has risen to the disciplined heights of tough-mindedness but has at the same time sunk to the passionless depths of hard-heartedness?

Herman Melville

The reason the mass of men fear God, and at bottom dislike Him, is because they rather distrust His heart, and fancy Him all brain like a watch.

Wayne Gerard Trotman

Growth of consciousness does not depend on the might of the intellect but on the conviction of the heart.

Hunter S. Thompson

A man can live on his wits and his balls for only so long.

James Rozoff

The intellect seeks to throw its own interpretation of the real over reality, and in so doing carves the world up into artificial little cubes.

William James

Our intelligence cannot wall itself up alive, like a pupa in a chrysalis. It must at any cost keep on speaking terms with the universe that engendered it.

Amit Kalantri

Over intellect will make you a genius, over emotions will make you a lunatic.

Amit Kalantri

It is a courage which can find the solution to every problem, not the intelligence.

John William Draper

The history of Science is not a mere record of isolated discoveries; it is a narrative of the conflict of two contending powers, the expansive force of the human intellect on one side, and the compression arising from traditionary faith and human interests on the other.

Rasheed Ogunlaru

It's not the depth of your intellect that will comfort you or transform your world. Only the richness of your heart and your generosity of spirit can do that

Charles Darwin

The loss of these tastes [for poetry and music] is a loss of happiness, and may possibly be injurious to the intellect, and more probably to the moral character, by enfeebling the emotional part of our nature.

Daniel Willey

One of the biggest problems with people who think that they are smart is that they believe that the number of times they admit that they are wrong is inversely proportional to their
intellectual level.

Dean Koontz

Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion, and empathy.

Dean Koontz

A sixth sense is a miraculous thing, which in itself suggests a supernatural order. The human intellect, however, for all its power and triumphs, is largely formed by this world and is therefore corruptible.

Hermann Hesse

...and the vessel was not full, his intellect was not satisfied, his soul was not at peace, his heart was not still.

John Calvin

For the Word of God is not received by faith if it flits about in the top of the brain, but when it takes root in the depth of the heart . . . the heart's distrust is greater than the mind's blindness. It is harder for the heart to be furnished with assurance [of God's love] than for the mind to be endowed with thought.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Life ups the self-esteem of a low-paid man by giving him things that the high-paid man that he envies cannot buy (intellect, looks, sex appeal, etc.).

Michael Bassey Johnson

If a negative viewer looks at you with an ugly fiendish eye, find a way and pluck off his eyes, or better still, protect your good image.

Oscar Wilde

There were sins whose fascination was more in the memory than in the doing of them, strange triumphs that gratified the pride more than the passions, and gave to the intellect a quickened sense of joy, greater than any joy they brought, or could ever bring, to the senses.

Bryant McGill

The intellect can only think about or analyze joy, but cannot feel it.

Ford Madox Ford

In every man there are two minds that work side by side, the one checking the other; thus emotion stands against reason, intellect corrects passion and first impressions act a little, but very little, before quick reflection.

Damon Horowitz

It is a convenient truth: You go into the humanities to pursue your intellectual passion; and it just so happens, as a by-product, that you emerge as a desired commodity for industry.

Karen Marie Moning

...When a man first awakens, it sometimes takes several moments before he starts thinking clearly."

"And here I thought it took several years, perhaps a lifetime for the average man's intellect to kick in.

James Allen

Man's mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild.

Ben Willoughby

You do not realize what can happen when you liberate a mind from what society calls reason.

Tariq Ramadan

Mental ghettos are not mirages; they actually exist in palpable reality: being "open" inside one's mental or intellectual ghetto does not open its door but simply allows one to harbour the illusion that there is no ghetto and no door. The most dangerous prisons are those with invisible bars.

Michael Bassey Johnson

When Albert Einstein told you to hide your source, he wasn't giving you a deliberate advice to conceal the root in which you're growing, but was to conceal the root from the eyes of people that will dare to uproot it.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Intellectual growth is when you surpass the barrier of puerility, puzzling people with your dazzling creativity.

Michael Bassey Johnson

Creativity is not intelligence, it is the ability to do what you did not know through the use of what you know.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Today, the world rewards those with creative and intellectual muscles. So, women and skinny men need to shut up and start thinking.

L.H. Sigourney

Dwelling much on the contemplation of little things, [we] are in danger of losing the intellectual appetite.

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