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Stephen Richards is an author writing in the self-help genre. The first book he wrote in 1998 was in the true crime genre for Mirage Publishing. He has co-written a number of books with others, but now concentrates on writing in the mind, body, spirt subjects of Cosmic Ordering and mind power.

Stephen Richards Quotes

It is your vibrational thoughts that give life to the goals you wish for.

The universe is full of magical things to be manifested with Cosmic Ordering.

What words cannot convey ... the mind can read.

You are only as beautiful as your last action ...

When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.

To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.

The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.

The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.

When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.

Judgment is a negative frequency.

It sometimes takes a state of solitude to bring to mind the real power of companionship.

Doing the tough things sets winners apart from losers.

There is nothing around me but money, money, money.

Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.

When your back is to the wall and you are facing fear head on, the only way is forward and through it.

Live in this moment ... for it is the only moment we have!

Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.

Happiness is something we reap from the seeds we sow. Plant misery seeds and that us what you reap.

Before you can successfully make friends with others, first you have to become your own friend.

When you fail, that is when you get closer to success.

When we give up the chase, we give up our wishing.

When we lose our spiritual child then that is when we have grown old.

Happy people produce. Bored people consume.

No matter how small you start, always dream big.

It’s not about working for money, it’s about having money work for you.

All that you are is all around you.

If you think you can then you can.

We were all born equal, but where we are in life now is of our own making.

The true test of one's mettle is how many times you will try before you give up.

Without friends you have nothing!

Even when in the midst of disturbance, the stillness of the mind can offer sanctuary.

Each new friend gives rise to the possibility of anything!

Start with big dreams and make life worth living.

Unless you know where you are going then you will not know how to get there.

When you know love then that is the time you forget hate.

Don’t dare to dream big, just dream BIG!

If we lose all of our wealth and are only left with love then, indeed, we shall never be poor.

To be happy, make others happy.

It is in doing things and not reading about them that results come about.

It's no shame in reaching second or third base if you aimed for first base.

One who swims with the tide and not the other side will benefit from the opportunity that flows.

Beliefs are not related to religion but they are basically about who you are.

Use ‘Why?’ to help you follow the breadcrumbs back to the source of the problem.

When faced with a hurdle then give it all you've got to jump over it because it can't be done in two stages.

The tragedy is that what you disapprove of in others is the very thing you disapprove of in yourself.

The future never happens; there will always be a future.

If you do not have persistence then no amount of education, talent or genius can make up for it.

Don't live to be judged for what you haven't done. Live to be judged for what you have done.

The only thing limiting your aspiration is your imagination.

Today I am even richer.

In the autumn of your years don't make it so that what you look back on is regret. Live your life now so that whatever you do gives some sunshine before you head into the winter of your life.

You are human, so stop acting as if though you are a sheep and start thinking for yourself.

Grief helps you come to grips with the loss of a loved one. Guilt helps you make better moral decisions or bring you to apologise for a wrongdoing. In proper doses, these types of negative emotions are necessary and healthy.

Without enthusiasm then what we have surrounded ourselves with becomes worthless.

Pessimists never go on a voyage of discovery, equally so they never leave the shoreline in search of new horizons.

When we have reached the depths of despair, only then can we look up and see the light of hope.

The Law of Attraction is a theory. Cosmic Ordering is a practice putting that theory to work.

While amidst the crowd and seeking quieteness in another zone you can still get away from them by homing in on matters within.

The law of sacrifice postulates that we need to give in order to receive ... Cosmic Ordering says, receive before you give.

I am wealth, I am abundance, I am Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering does not judge you.

Good thoughts can become reality with Cosmic Ordering.

Do you want to retire early rich or retire late poor? Cosmic Ordering answers the first question!

With Cosmic Ordering you can keep your luxuries and ask for more.

Riches will come when you follow Cosmic Ordering.

Anyone believing in Cosmic Ordering wants for nothing.

Silver surfers ... nah, that's old hat. Retire a gold surfer with Cosmic Ordering.

The only secret of wealth creation is knowing how to use Cosmic Ordering.

With Cosmic Ordering life is a field of unlimited possibilities.

Human beings are incredibly slow, Cosmic Ordering is incredibly fast!

Cosmic Ordering is absent in body but present in spirit.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but Cosmic Ordering stands forever.

The greatest barrier to wealth creation is the denial of Cosmic Ordering.

Believe all things are possible With Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering will never forsake you.

Cosmic Ordering is with you in all that you do.

If you have made mistakes in life there’s always another chance with Cosmic Ordering.

Forget being a bad failure, use Cosmic Ordering and be good at success.

To fail is nothing, unless you continue to ignore Cosmic Ordering.

To fail is a natural consequence of trying, to succeed is a natural consequence of Cosmic Ordering.

Failure is a steppingstone to poverty, Cosmic Ordering is an elevator to success.

Often the only difference between success and failure is not using Cosmic Ordering.

The key to failure is ignoring Cosmic Ordering.

Failure is a detour on the way to using Cosmic Ordering.

There are more triumphs than defeats with Cosmic Ordering.

A man may fail many times, and then he turns to Cosmic Ordering.

It’s payday every day of the week with Cosmic Ordering.

You didn’t fail, you just didn’t use Cosmic Ordering.

In Cosmic Ordering, we put our trust

Everybody talks about being rich, Cosmic Ordering does something about it.

Twenty years from now you will be disappointed you never used Cosmic Ordering today.

A clever person solves a problem; a wise person uses Cosmic Ordering!

If there was no Cosmic Ordering then it would have been necessary to invent it.

In the beginning man was poor, then along came Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering cultivates prosperity daily.

Whatever your desire, use Cosmic Ordering to get what you require!

Some people only dream of success… while others wake up and use Cosmic Ordering.

The formula for success is Cosmic Ordering, the formula for failure is worry.

The person who is waiting for something to turn up might start with Cosmic Ordering.

There’s the impossible and then there’s Cosmic Ordering.

If your only goal is to become rich then use Cosmic Ordering.

The mode by which the impossible is reached is Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking your potential.

Panic, fear, worry, doubt, negativity ... words not recognized by Cosmic Ordering.

If you want to be on Forbes Rich List, use Cosmic Ordering.

Don’t just wish you were rich, use Cosmic Ordering.

OK you maybe can't buy happiness with Cosmic Ordering, but it's much better crying in a mansion than in a hovel.

Wake up and smell the wealth with Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering is your one way ticket to prosperity.

Don’t waste time making money ... use Cosmic Ordering.

The fastest way to double your money is to use Cosmic Ordering.

Forget hard work, use Cosmic Ordering.

When you have done your best and still failed, use Cosmic Ordering.

Lessen the odds are stacked against you, Use Cosmic Ordering.

Time is the wisest counselor of all, but Cosmic Ordering is the biggest provider.

A Cosmic Ordering beginning makes a wealthy ending.

Forget the secrets of success, use Cosmic Ordering instead.

Believe and achieve with Cosmic Ordering.

Don’t wait for success, use Cosmic Ordering.

You can forget trying to climb the success ladder, all you will ever need in life is brought to you in the Cosmic Ordering elevator.

Change your life! Wake up and smell the Cosmic Ordering success.

With Cosmic Ordering it’s not only your wealth that grows, your mind does too!

To make Cosmic Ordering work you have to start using it.

Cosmic Ordering success sticks to you like mud to a blanket.

Wealth is a by-product of Cosmic Ordering.

On the road to success some will always expect tragedy ... ditch your doubts and experience success with Cosmic Ordering.

Time is priceless, Cosmic Ordering is limitless.

What might have been can be with Cosmic Ordering.

There's always a free lunch with Cosmic Ordering.

Sick of lame ducks, use Cosmic Ordering and your ducks will lay golden eggs.

Just a minute, Cosmic Ordering can give you a whole lot more ... a whole lifetime of more.

There is no eleventh hour with Cosmic Ordering, only the golden hour.

Take a rain check on poverty with Cosmic Ordering.

Don’t let time make a fool of you, use Cosmic Ordering.

Now your boat comes in every day with Cosmic Ordering.

No need to steal someone’s thunder, with Cosmic Ordering you can make your own.

Sweep the board with Cosmic Ordering Success.

Now beggars can be choosers with Cosmic Ordering.

No more need to rob Peter to pay Paul with Cosmic Ordering.

Now you can build Rome in a day with Cosmic Ordering.

It’s a red sky every night with Cosmic Ordering.

All in good time is something Cosmic Ordering does not follow.

The proof of the pudding is in the Cosmic Ordering.

Hope might grant you a wish in the nick of time, Cosmic Ordering grants them all the time.

Cosmic Ordering is an ever full piggy bank.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that's because they never used Cosmic Ordering.

Forget about letting nature taking its course to make you wealthy, Cosmic Ordering works faster.

Wealth creation is 10% of what you know and 90% Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering is like an echo! What you ask for comes back.

Cosmic Ordering is a licence to print money.

The great dividing line between success and failure is Cosmic Ordering

Defeat the warriors of patience and time with Cosmic Ordering.

With Cosmic Ordering, the best days of your life are always ahead of you.

With Cosmic Ordering you will never eat humble pie again.

When you use Cosmic Ordering you will move from cloud nine to cloud ten.

Use Cosmic Ordering now, not as a morning after pill.

When all around you are losing their heads, use Cosmic Ordering.

If you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, use Cosmic Ordering.

Cosmic Ordering is a dish best served today.

The first law of attraction is use Cosmic Ordering now.

With Cosmic Ordering you can count your chickens before they have hatched.

Face it and it will be less …

It has taken me a lot of years, but I find silence is sometimes the best answer.

When you're scared, you stay as you are!

When you explore your fears then you set yourself free.

When you have mastered fear then you have mastered all.

When you have fear then the world is a big place. When you have courage then the world shrinks.

When you're scared, when you close your eyes ... just know there is nothing left to fear!

Stop acting so small, you are as big as the universe!!!!!!!!

Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.

Be yourself and become wealthy!

To put it simply, the lizard brain is purely concerned with survival.

Becoming wealthy is about accumulating wealth.

In a culture of hyper-consumption the advertising industry has brainwashed many people into believing they can raise their status just by driving a particular brand of whatever it is they are pushing at you.

Do not invest time and money into yourself to have others completely destroy it!

Some people pray for miracles ... with Cosmic Ordering YOU manifest them!

When life is tough, use Cosmic Ordering. When life is great, use Cosmic Ordering.

There’s nothing mysterious about Cosmic Ordering, it’s simply a method used to transmute thought into reality.

Run and hide or rise and shine ...

Positive thinking without any thought is wasted ...

Hungry people are always thinking about food; poor people are always thinking about wealth. Obsessive thinking can kill your dreams!

To take control of your life ... just let go!

When you use your mind to grow yourself, education doesn't come into it.

If you like who you are then losing yourself isn’t a choice! But if you don’t like yourself, get lost.

You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.

The discontent and frustration that you feel is entirely your own creation.

The moment you become friends with your inner Self, you realize that the failures or hindrances that you met earlier were caused more by your disconnected status with your inner Being.

Grateful souls focus on the happiness and abundance present in their lives and this in turn attracts more abundance and joy towards them.

Without desires and dreams, your thoughts do not matter and you can think whatever you want to.

A good self-esteem level is mostly dependant on how we value ourselves without any bias.

A person today who seems to have a great sense of self-esteem has his or her childhood days to thank for it.

You don't have to be good at something to be liked.

When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on to it and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger than the one you directed towards it.

Whatever you lay your hands on, self-esteem is visible.

Every sunrise is priceless and you can experience the richness that life holds only when you live life to the full instead of just being an onlooker.

The realisation that limitations are imaginary will make you strong and overpowering.

We are exactly what our history made us to be.

For us to regard others as worthy, we have to begin by regarding ourselves as worthy.

Manifesting is a lot like making a cake. The things needed are supplied by you, the mixing is done by your mind and the baking is done in the oven of the universe.

Self-confidence is contagious.

Once you feel nice about yourself, you have planted the first seed to develop self-confidence.

There are two things essential if you want to enhance your Jedi self-confidence:

1/ belief that it is possible

2/ that self-help is the best help

The difference between being mediocre and achieving excellence is you.

A failure is always in the passenger seat in his or her life.

A Master Jedi feels emotions, but they do not allow them to influence their reasoning. Yoda told Luke that he would know the good from the bad when he was 'calm, at peace.

Jedi act with confidence, move with confidence, and breathe with confidence. Jedi possess a confident calmness in their looks, attitude and

Positive belief in yourself will give you the energy needed to conquer the world and this belief is the power behind all creation.

Though money cannot acquire you happiness, it does not mean that both money and happiness cannot exist together.

Winning is great, but if it's not enough then then you'll never have enough!

Whatever belief we have actually stems from the thankfulness that we feel and this feeling further attracts more happy feelings towards us.

Your self-confidence is simply the part of your brain that tells you whether or not you should try something different or new or believe in yourself, and just as a Jedi truly believes that it is within their power to control their thoughts and stay in the Light, so can you.

A barrier is a limitation only when you perceive it as one.

The first place where self-esteem begins its journey is within us.

Have faith in the universe and its capability to lead you to the path of abundance.

Choice forms the divider which is responsible for the formation of all futures that can be possible.

On the other hand, if the future is not the one you chose then you may have to use your willpower to obtain the future of your liking.

What we perceive about ourselves is greatly a reflection of how we will end up living our lives.

Stop comparing yourself with others. If they are good at something, you too are good at something else. Self-confidence is not measured by your own capabilities versus that of others, but by your own needs.

How we relate with other people is dependent on how we rate ourselves and what we think about ourselves.

Each person has got a voice inside them. Communicate with it and take hold of it. Do not let it push and shove you around – you are its master!

Concentrate more on your achievements than your failures. Learn to take the failures as opportunities to rectify your errors.

Acknowledgement is possession. When you acknowledge, think or have conviction in something, it actually will come true.

Failures can be called ‘strengtheners’ as they make you determined to reach your goal with the lessons they teach.

According to the Law of Attraction, the physical reality that you experience at present is drawn towards the future probability you desired when it attains more power.

Our own self-esteem is something we can actually twist in whatever way we want.

Self-belief, also called self-efficacy, is the kind of feeling you have when you have, like a Jedi, mastered a particular kind of skill and with its help have been able to achieve your set goals.

In the spiritual world many forms of the physical universe that are potentially effective can be perceived but with regard to time, we can observe only one form.

Never allow your mind to wander untamed like a wild animal that exists on the basis of survival of the fittest. Tame your mind with consistent focus on your goals and desires.

With every challenge you face, there is an opportunity hidden that will lead you towards the path of wealth and abundance.

Limitations are like mirages created by your own mind. When you realise that limitation do not exist, those around you will also feel it and allow you inside their space.

When you are drowned by your sorry state, and you feel as if you are carried away from the road that leads to your desires, you should know that you are the one responsible for being led away from the right path.

It is not enough if you just live life as it comes to you like a floating leaf in a pond. Make use of the powers bestowed in you and soar like an eagle.

In reality there are no limitations. They are vibrant and changeable to whatever form you want them to take to realise your goals.

When you act on your beliefs, the realisation that happens is caused by you and this will in turn lead to a consequence.

If you take any step, no matter how small it is, towards achieving your dreams then you will surely find the right path and reach the abundance that lies in store for you.

Your core, lying deep within you, is what makes you what you are. Some call it the soul, the Higher Self, the true self, the being and so on. The name is unimportant once you realize that you are more than your looks and outward appearance.

If someone does not consider those around them to be valuable and hold only themselves in high regard, they too have a very bad self-esteem.

Feeling indifferent or reserved about doing something is a signal that it is probably not correct after all.

If we can acquire an attitude of self-belief, then we will surely determine our future actions and our future life opportunities.

The gratitude that you feel leads to faith in the abundance and with every resonance that radiates from your mind more strong feelings of faith start to reside in you.

Once we open our eyes to the infinite magic that the universe has in abundance, we are sure to be enthralled by what we see and this miraculous creation gets us closer to our dreams and to the world as a whole.

Jedi are conversationalists and negotiators, bringing people together and solving problems. Jedi listen and feel to what others are saying.

Gone are the days when 19-inch biceps would once command respect. A Jedi doesn’t walk around with their arms flexed and with a thousand yard stare in their eyes. They walk with a good posture, their head held high and with a serious, yet friendly, look on their face.

Humans, unlike Jedi, are powerfully afraid of rejection. We do not survive well alone, so humans as a species are especially vulnerable to thoughts that make us afraid the rest of the “tribe” will desert us to die a sad, lonely death.

Jedi are always assessing situations, actions and possibilities. Jedi don’t just think outside of the box with the help from the Force, they also adapt to situations outside of the box!

Failing to make it to the list of the best 5 students in class or not being named the team captain should not make anyone feel like they have failed.

Tap into ‘The Force’ and soon, at any given time that you need that extra shot of high octane confidence; you will soon be like a Jedi Master at this technique.

Success is within reach of all people, but you can grasp it only when you realise the power within you.

Circumstances, knowledge or birth do not determine the realisation of your desires. It is only you who are blocking the achievement of your dreams and goals.

This inner Being is all powerful, intelligent, indestructible and a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. This inner core is truly who and what you are and is perpetually trying to connect with your outward self.

The negative patterns that form as a result of this self defeating behaviour actually symbolize the negative belief that we nurture.

It so happens that at times your desires tend to disagree with the reality and this is due to the fact that you have not let the two elements complement each other.

I was a normal person, living in a rough area with a foreign mother, I endured it and came out of the other side to help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to change their lives just like I had mine.

Do you truly believe in the worthiness of your dreams? Do you truly think they are worth the consistent effort required to make them manifest? Once you truly believe, nothing can stop you but yourself, for such belief is the same power which creates and maintains all existence.

Neglected dreams become regrets.

Whatever hand life has dealt you, seeing it positively will always make it a winning one!

Your life you are living now is a creation of your mind, but if you search deep down you will discover the capacity to create an even better life ... try it!

Once upon a time when I knew nothing I wanted fame and fortune. Now I know how little I know, I just want to be ...

It’s just nice to reflect sometimes and remember the things and people that are making a huge impact at any given moment.

When we make friends then we change from being animals to being human.

Friendship gives us the strength to turn from lambs into lions.

True friendship never questions what it costs you.

The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend.

When you're alone is when you can count your friends.

Minds are like flowers, they only open when the time is right.

No matter whether you believe in luck or chance, the final decision is from yourself.

Stand out from the crowd, be yourself.

Exhaust your worries and they will soon leave you.

If the great internet connects us all ... then why are so many of us becoming increasingly isolated?

A thought is a Cosmic Order waiting to happen.

Inaction creates nothing. Action creates success.

Always have an air of expectancy.

If we ask, we should also be prepared to give.

Hard work is what you do to make ends meet, easy work is getting others to do the hard work for you.

Poverty: a temporary financial low, curable by money.

Thrill me, chill me I went in search of money and success, all I got was a bellyful of excess! Now that I've realigned myself I’m on my tip-toes because life is sweet! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all the blessings that are manifesting in my life … neat!

You tap in to this oneness and become part of the universe as a whole.

You willed yourself to where you are today, so will yourself out of it.

I have my own theory: ignorance is bliss. The less you know, the more confident you can be in tackling things.

If you truly love someone, you should be more interested in keeping them happy than in being right.

The mind is the strongest tool we have to help us secure the riches within the universe.

If we truly love ourselves, in spite of our flaws, then we can love others in spite of theirs.

The basic idea is that all things in the universe are intertwined.

The first rule when you are in a hole is to ask for a hand out!

Even though your thinking might not be right for others, just so long as it's right for you then that's all what matters.

Using your mind is a faster method to getting what you want. I mean, all you have to do is sit there. What could be easier?

View life through a wide angle lens attitude and see your horizons broaden.

If you can't quite make it as a high flier then join a trampoline club.

Just let go of the need to care about whether it happens or not, then you are free from fear and can then concentrate on focusing.

When you accomplish the impossible then you can achieve anything.

There is no new knowledge, it already exists in the universe.

If you knew the power within yourself to be truly happy, to be truly whole, then you would never ask another to become the image you desire for yourself, in order to be happy and whole.

The cosmic believer needs the energy of the universe to survive spiritually.

Time and space have no meaning, just as your conscious thoughts are meaningless.

When you stop blaming others for where you are in life, that is when you can start to manifest your dream life!

Remember that in the end, the universe responds to our emotions, not to our words.

Your own dreams stand alone, longing to be fulfilled, and you wonder if it will ever happen. You must have faith. Just as the bus was a little late, so too can fulfilment of your desires come a bit late.

You don't manifest dreams without taking chances.

Our souls sparkle brightly with creative energy, our beings are as complex as the universe, and at the same time we help make up a higher body of energy.

When others walk away from a lost cause, then that is the time you can step in and seize success.

There are no prizes for defying yourself.

The first rule about the low hanging fruit principle is to always watch out for low hanging branches, they’re the ones to take it away from you.

If you align your vibrations and frequencies with those things you desire, you will acquire them.

There are no absolutes, and your way is neither the only way nor the right way.

When you put your passion into your desire, when it becomes a fire that threatens to consume you unless you have it, then your will is in the right place.

There is nothing to prove to anyone, just concentrate on your own needs.

Focusing is the great secret of power. If you want to use your full amount of focus, you must close down all other thought and direct your power of generating mental steam toward one outcome.

You cannot run at full throttle when applying your mindset to all of the different things running through your head. Focusing is the key to manifesting your desires.

To heal physically, one must heal the emotional aspect of the issue first or it will resurface in another way.

Your dreams will come true, but do not be overly demanding. Be logical – there are not enough mansions for everyone in the world, are there?

We tend to think of future inventions and discoveries, but in reality, these things already exist in the knowledge bank of the universe.

Knowing that the brain is predisposed to religion and spirituality, then might it be that God is a creation of the brain?

Remember your true self. You are more than just flesh and bones; you are unlimited energy and power. Knowing this, you will understand why happiness and prosperity are your birth right.

Be open to the realization that who you were before and who you are now are two different people, and that what may have made you happy then, may not be the same thing that will make you happy now.

The basis of Cosmic Ordering is the belief that the universe is not dead matter, but pure energy which responds to our vibrations and to our frequencies.

To will is to put your emotion into your desire. Simply wanting is not desire, it is merely an undirected thought with no purpose but to pass the time.

When you send out a powerful thought into the universe, you send out ripples to all parts of it which come back to you, reflecting what it is you sent out.

Manifesting your desires requires an understanding of the universe’s abundance and inherently giving nature. If you ask from a position of fear or desperation, you are sending out your fear and desperation, and the universe, giving, reflecting, and non-judgmental as it is, will send those right back at you.

Desire is what lends power to thought, it is that element that separates a wish or a day dream into reality, if properly directed.

Show respect to all. If you accept that all is undifferentiated oneness, and that all things are merely different aspects of that one thing (but vibrating at different frequencies), then you must respect yourself and everything and everyone around you.

Making excuses is one of a host of self-defeating behaviours and mental patterns that can block your success.

Since extra-sensory perception (ESP) is awareness of the world beyond the senses, it would be inappropriate to term this Sixth Sense ‘extrasensory’.

I have never seen a newspaper headline where those in spirit, without physical bodies, carried out evil deeds like a mugger in a parking lot.

Regardless of whether luck or coincidence is involved, desires directed in the right way have a tendency to manifest.

Thought is power, as is desire, but neither is enough unless it is backed by faith, specificity, and the desire to see to it that it becomes.

When you begin to actively participate in the creation of your life, there is never an end, even in death, for physics tells us that nothing is ever created nor destroyed, merely transformed.

Some find that they are content with little, while others find that they want much, much more. Still others create and manifest many things, only to later discover that it was the creation which brought them greater joy and satisfaction, more so than the actual possession or enjoyment of those creations.

Openness is also an acceptance that just as you have the inherent right to create your life as you see fit, so others have the same right with their own lives, even if their design differs from yours greatly.

If you are going to be a doubter, I don't need your negative energy.

Many surround themselves with luminaries, but in so doing they dull their own sparkle. If you want to shine bright, look to the heavens and see how the brightest star always stands apart from those lesser shining stars.

Know you will win and you will win!

If you do what everyone else does, you will get what everyone else gets.

Those who speak most of health, have it. Those who speak most of wealth, have it. Those who speak most of joy, have it. The opposite also holds true. So which would you rather have?

By fully experiencing and going beyond an emotional block - through the layers of doubt and fear - you experience the emotion of who you truly are.

No matter what your wishes, they are not crazy so long as they are not crazy to you!

You have two voices, one that only you hear, and another that you speak out loud with, so others hear you. Regardless of what you actually say with your mouth, what matters is what your inner voice says, for this is the one you listen to the most.

To control your life, control your mind. To control your mind, control your breath.

Make the goal huge and you cannot miss!

Stop harboring grudges against those who have wronged you, it just holds you back when you really want to be in the NOW.

Often success goes hand-in-hand with the sum total of sexual activity in your life.

Your life is in your hands. Only YOU have the capacity to turn it into a rosy path or a thorn filled one. Increase your vibrational output with Cosmic Ordering and your future will be rosy.

You have a right to feel the universe is willing to provide you with blessings, but not to the point that it cannot do without you.

You put yourself where you are, and if you find yourself unsatisfied with how you are, then get yourself out of it.

Do not avoid doing what you love because you fear that it will only result in poverty or lack. If you fear this, then this is exactly what will happen.

The universe is infinite, and the experiences and opportunities available to us are likewise.

Armed with positive thoughts, it becomes easier to focus on your goals, while the opposite also holds true.

Harnessing the unique sex energy that can only arise through sexual expression can awaken multidimensional awareness and provide you with your desired goal.

Do not constantly question why your desires have not manifested, although you should keep a vibrational connection to them.

You can.

Tell me your story and I will get back your life.

Willful blindness sees no end of damage done.

With sticky thinking you can become unstuck!

If you want to make dough, do a bun dance.

A broken friendship that is mended through forgiveness can be even stronger than it once was.

Understand that for better or worse, you create your own life.

To get something different, you must do something different.

Whatever it takes to find the real you, don't be daunted if the rest of the world looks on in shock.

When you fight yourself to discover the real you, there is only one winner.

If we let the drama of others’ lives become our own, then we are no longer ourselves.

When you initially forgive, it is like letting go of a hot iron. There is initial pain and the scars will show, but you can start living again.

The more you are able to forgive then the more you are able to love.

When you express gratitude for the blessings that come into your life, it not only encourages the universe to send you more, it also sees to it that those blessings remain.

You cannot give out one frequency, that of disrespect, and expect respect to flow toward you. Neither can you hold on to your biases, prejudices, and negative thinking toward something, and expect that something positive will return to you.

Regardless of how far we have come, we are still looking for answers.

Though it may be interesting to know how many hairs there are on the human head, or how the giant red spot on the surface of Jupiter was formed, the real truths we are interested in are those about ourselves.

You have two voices: the one you speak with and the one you think with. While the former is the one others hear, of greater importance is the one you hear.

We can only find those faults in others that already exist within us, and the same goes for those things we admire about them.

While it is easy to get caught up in the beliefs and attitudes of others, it is easier still to make one’s self a victim of circumstance. Victims of circumstance believe they have no power over their lives, since they are merely the play-things of fate. Since they believe this, it is therefore so.

The problem with most people who say they believe, however, is that said belief is only a thin layer of solid ice which rests over a vast ocean that is likewise deep with non-solid disbelief.

To rise above the conflicting desires of others, there must be no conflict about your own.

If you have ever prayed for something and received what you wanted, you engaged in Cosmic Ordering.

When you reach out to those in need, do not be surprised if the essential meaning of something occurs.

Putting someone down with name calling reveals your own low self-esteem.

The good thing about a self-help book is that if you misunderstand something then it won't mock you.

Through the practice of meditation, of calming and focusing our mind, as well as developing greater clarity and a sense of awareness, we train ourselves to recognize the wealth that was already there - the very wealth others fail to recognize.

Only by maintaining positive thoughts, by dispelling doubt and negativity, will you impress your desires upon the universe, making it bend to your will.

If you aspire to be a sparrow you will never be an eagle!

I was lifted from the darkness I endured into the person I am today.

Sometimes your wish can become chaos ... be careful what you wish for!

When good times turn out way bigger than you first expected, that's when you know you're on a roll!

Sometimes all it takes to change your life is to change your routine.

We wander along the world along many paths and maybe without knowing it we are walking now along one path towards success!

For that thought to be strong, however, it must be free of doubt, for doubt weakens the will, weakens the response of the universe, and slows the manifestation of desire.

Life can only give you what you give back to it, and it all begins with the right attitude.

You cannot give out a negative frequency, that of disrespect, and expect respect to flow toward you. Neither can you hold on to your biases, prejudices and negative thinking toward something, and expect that something positive will return to you.

Doubt, fear, and hesitation are enemies of the mind, for a weak will severs our inborn connection with the universe, dampens the faith with which we are able to join our will to it.

The fastest way to get lost is to go on a guilt trip!

If you want a new life, first give praise for having the old one!

Become your own success story, not someone else's.

If you are in a prison of fear ... break out!

When you unfold your spirit, you unfold your dream.

You think the thing, draw the picture and then it happens.

The ability to feel and express genuine gratitude for the help given when it is needed most, for the gift or boon that is given at just the right time and under the right circumstances, is a way of surrendering one’s self to benevolent external forces.

An empty mind is easy to feed.

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