Steven Redhead Quotes

Steven Redhead Quotes

Your world becomes enlivened, more wonderful when achieving your heart’s desires.

The way you think is the driving force that fashions your world thereby governing the kind of life that you live.

What you can't comprehend within your thoughts will be impossible to make real within your world.

Success is realising the true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition, aiming to achieve your bliss.

The heart is natures most immense untapped resource. Utilising the power of the heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.

Life becomes difficult when out of sync with your heart-felt desires.

Open up your heart and mind to the infinite wonderful experiences there are in life.

What you think about the most drives your reality; control your thoughts to manage your reality.

Does your reality match your expectations? If not it's time to change either your expectations or your reality.

We each come to create the reality we believe we deserve.

Don't become a prisoner of your own reality, set yourself free by creating a life worth living.

The beliefs you hold strongly in your mind will become your dreams and in time become your reality.

Life truly becomes exactly what you make it. All the choices lead to the reality you are experiencing.

Each of us has immense potential to achieve what we desire, unless we enliven and enlighten our life with inspiration, bring our dreams or desires into reality we will never shine as bright as our potential.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist for you; then create within your reality the things that you desire.

When things run out of control it is because we failed to control how reality plays out. How you manage and control your reality will come to determine your life.

Your Reality is an accumulation of all the things that you have wished for.

Love the moment for its simplicity, it may give or take nothing from you, but in the blinking of an eye it will have change so many things forever.

Change is one of the most vibrant elements we can use to create a different tomorrow.

You can't change the past, only your perception of it; but you can control the future.

Change is the most beneficial power available to you, simply change the things you don't like, replacing them with your true desires.

Belief is the strongest power you can bring to bear in order to realise your dreams.

Taking what is, then making it into what it can be through the power of creation that we all possess.

Life was never meant to be serious, it was meant to be a joy.

The true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition aiming to achieve your bliss.

Challenge who you can be, don't let fate control your future. Fate can come to rule your life if you don't decide for yourselves exactly what you want. It fills in the bits like a mischievous mistress.

Fate Decides your future if you don't intervene.

Fate decides our future if we don't intervene.

As we reinvent our life endlessly we should open our minds to the infinite possibilities that do exist.

As you reinvent your life endlessly you should open your minds to the infinite possibilities that do exist.

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