Sukant Ratnakar Quotes

Sukant Ratnakar Quotes

Intentions of a man reflects in his actions.

If our thoughts can change our actions, reverse is also possible. Our Actions can Change Our Thoughts!

Your thoughts can change your actions and your actions can change your thoughts.

If your thoughts can change your actions,
then your actions can change your thoughts.

Do not get obsolete like an old technology, keep innovating yourself.

life is a continous journey of transformation

I wokeup in morning and saw, world has move on

Biggest fear of life is, fear of change.

Only weak resist change, brave go ahead and accept it.

Why is it that we are happy to see change of system happening in movies but, when it comes to real life, we are afraid of it. Are we a Box Office Democracy?

Man's most important achievement is not about standing up and start walking but, standing up to speak the truth.

Political leaders are a reflection of our society.

If we elect the same corrupt politicians every time, that's a very clear message that we don't want a change.

When we start building perceptions based on our own experiences and judgements and not by the influence of fake media reports, that's the indication of our transformation into a mature society.

If existance of something cannot be proved scientifically, it only means that science is not equipped to prove it right now.

If existince of something cannot be proved scientifically, it only means that science is not equipped to prove it right now.

If humans can live for 100 years, why do companies die so young.

Whenever there is a conflict between pink and blue, let the pink win. Happiness is more important then colors.

Music does not need a visa to enter your heart.

POWER is the demonstration of comparative difference of wealth & influence. HUMBLENESS is to ignore the difference, even if it is exist.

The human mind is an open network of complex softwares working together.

We all see the same thing, but interpretive it differently.

Our reactions to events is directly promotional to their importance in our life.

Resistance to change" is our fine ability to create reasons to crib and criticize.

I woke up in morning and saw, world has moved on

Once you find reasons to change, rest of the journey becomes easy.

Political leaders are reflection of our society.

Change and Mistakes are positive and negative terminals of cell called "Transformation".

When rate of problems is greater than rate of solutions, only radical changes can make the difference.

We do not need to attend classroom training programmes for everything. Observation opens the windows of knowledge around us

External sources of positive energy and motivation will exhaust, unless we have our captive generation of positive energy.The only sustainable source of positive energy is our thoughts.

If you can win an argument by stretching your lips with a smile, why open your mouth and lose it.

We all are creative by nature, but our creativity gets buried deep under the pressure of our day to day mad rush.

At times we fail to find solution for our challenges, but those solutions are very much around us. Our creativity can help us reach those solutions.

Nature grows where the atmosphere is conducive – a bit of oxygen, soil, moisture and we see plants growing. Even between the stones. Exactly the same way, if we are happy and honest to ourselves, our creative glands gets activated and soon we get the astonishing solution to our challenges.

Every organisation faces challenges, but few seize to perform, not due to any shortage of funds, technology or knowledge, but due to the fact that people in such organisations do not use their creativity to explore innovative solution for their challenges.

Hobbies are like flowers on plant. They make the plant look beautiful and feel Proud.

Our actions are highly magnetic to our thoughts.

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