Susane Colasanti Quotes

Susane Colasanti Quotes

If a girl starts out all casual with a guy and she doesn't tell him that she wants a relationship, it will never become a relationship. If you give the guy the impression that casual is okay with you, that's all he'll ever want. Be straight with him from the start. If he gets scared and runs away, he wasn't right for you.

We’re never gonna understand women. They’re way too complex. You’ve got too many variables to consider. PMS, bad hair days, miscellaneous mood swings . . . there’s no way to tell what’s causing their attitude.
- Mike

Not even a repeat of Dawson’s Creek makes me feel better.

She goes on to explain about how need to not only listen to what the other person is saying but try to hear the meaning behind their words. But my thing is that if you want someone to understand what you're saying, you should say what you mean.

For one day there will be nothing left, yet we will have something. -me-

I tried to wait for my life to begin. Something has to happen. Like an amazing boy. I know he's out there. I just have to find him.

Rien ne va arrêter ma quête pour te trouver" No one will stop my quest to find you.

Somewhere underneath it all, I know he doesn't deserve to take up space in my brain.

Maybe it's impossible to find everything you want in one person. Maybe everyone in your life gives you certain things you need. And your friends give you the rest of what you can't get from your boyfriend.

There's this total manwhore phenomenon happening, where even the geeks are player now. It's like Manhattan is this giant playground and guys want to keep playing forever.

Do you want to be with Dave for the rest of your life?” Then he rips off a piece of paper and picks up
the smallest charcoal stick from my set. He writes something. He passes it over to me.
It says:
Time will tell.
“And while you’re waiting,” he says, “don’t settle for anything less than what you really want.

That's the cool thing about having a best friend. They know what your pain feels like
That's the cool thing about having a best friend. They know what your pain feels like already, so you don't have to explain it.

I also got the impression that having a lot of money can turn a decent person into an asshole.

But all I really learned is that money is powerful enough to bend the rules. Rhiannon:0, Dad:1.

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