Suzette Hinton Quotes

Suzette Hinton Quotes

We know how to work hard. We know how to go for the goal. We know how to achieve, achieve, achieve but we don’t know how to enjoy the journey.

They say that knowledge is power. I believe that is only partially true. Knowledge is power only if your Wise Self interprets how it relates to you.

When your doing comes out of your being, you will have all that you need to complete the work.

Why is it that the older we get the more we lose that sense of wonder? We hold our heads down and, like little robots, march day after day to jobs we hate, work with people we’d rather not, and live uninspired lives. That’s the sin, if you ask me.

Most people expect difficulty when pursuing their dreams, but aren’t prepared for a tidal wave of blessings. What if your success became a phenom? How can you prepare yourself so you won’t drown in it?

Fear is just a feeling. It ain't nothing but gum on the bottom of your shoe. Fear will make you throw the shoe away when all you need to do is scrape the gum off.

Your fear ain’t nothin but gum on the bottom of your shoe. The residue from some past experience is all it is. You can scrape the gum off or it can serve as a reminder of your testimony of survival.

Until you can allow yourself to feel without fear of criticism, rejection or abandonment-even self imposed fear-you will not and cannot hear the sound of your voice or the sound of your life.

You’ll know that you and the vision are one when your actions flow out of a knowing that’s greater than your fears. Sure, you might be stunned by an obstacle, but it doesn’t determine your ultimate response. Your ultimate response comes from your true, authentic, pure voice.

If there's going to be pain anyway, I'd rather it be the pain of growth rather than the pain of staying stuck.

Honoring your feelings awakens your soul. Feelings keep you awake. And it is from that awake place, that sound, that you build your life.

I believe money and celebrity only reveals what is broken and puts it on display for all to see.

Owning the sound-Wow!-that is what brings joy to every step. That is what causes people to wake up every morning excited about their day. That is what leaves them energized rather than exhausted like before. There is a sound. And as your coach, I help you to go from cosigning on everybody else’s sound to owning your own sound.

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