Authenticity Quotes

May Sarton

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

Mollie Marti

Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of
Our power lies in our small daily choices, one after another, to create eternal ripples of a life well lived.

Mollie Marti

High above the noise and fear mongering of critics and cynics softly speaks your true self.

David Foster Wallace

It's not what you lift, it's where you carry it.

Agnostic Zetetic

We’re not broken. We’re not in the wrong bodies. We’re not inadequate. We’re not lesser. We’re not unwanted. We’re not fraudulent. We’re not undesirable. That’s all just a set of lies we tell to soothe the experience of the prisons we put ourselves in.

Wayne W. Dyer

Authentic empowerment is the knowing that you are on purpose, doing God's work, peacefully and harmoniously.

Mark Fisher

Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire and zombie maker; but the living flesh it converts into dead labor is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.

Ashly Lorenzana

The only unique contribution you can offer the world is to be who you actually are and no one else.

Terry Tempest Williams

When it comes to words, rather than using our own voice, authentic and unpracticed, we steal someone else's to shield our fear.

Depak Chopras

Yes, in all my research, the greatest leaders looked inward and were able to tell a good story with authenticity and passion.

Cristina Nehring

At its strongest and wildest and most authentic, love is a demon. It is a religion, a high-risk adventure, an act of heroism. Love is ecstasy and injury, transcendence and danger, altruism and excess. In many ways, it is a divine madness.

Mollie Marti

Your greatest path of influence is love.

Italo Calvino

what matters is not the enclosure of the work within a harmonious figure, but the centrifugal force produced by it - a plurality of language as a guarantee of a truth that is not merely partial.

Vironika Tugaleva

Who was I fooling, telling my heart to quiet its beautiful song so I could march in the parade of conformity? My biggest fool was me.

Charlotte Eriksson

Some people make you want to be a better person, and that, for me, is the purest form of love.

Henna Inam

Authenticity is a choice we make about who we want to be that inspires our greater aliveness.

Henna Inam

The real you focuses on goals that inspire you and doesn’t let “that’s just not me!” stand in the way.

Scott K. Edinger

The relational leader operates not by being known by everyone, but by authentically creating positive relationships with people around her.

Robert A. Caro

The author describes Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn as "seldom at ease without a gavel in his hand.

Amit Kalantri

They all believed in him because of the authenticity of his musical talent and his faith in it.

Michael Levy

We all shuffle our own deck in life ... The deck is our brain, the cards are our thoughts, the results we get will determine if we are giving ourselves a fair deal. Do you have an authentic dealer?

Marcel Benabou

As a child, at the age when others promise to be Chateaubriand or nothing, I had written that I would be myself or nothing. I had certainly not foreseen that one day I would find myself in the position of being both myself and nothing. 65

Joanie Connell

No matter how you define success, you will need to be resilient, empowered, authentic, and limber to get there.

Mollie Marti

Lineage, personality, and environment may shape you, but they do not define your full potential.

Henna Inam

Being true to ourselves is about having courage to define our own version of what it is to live a successful life.

Henna Inam

To return to our authenticity, we have to let go of all that we are not. We recognize and let go of the judgments, fears, and “shoulds” that keep us stuck.

Suzette Hinton

You’ll know that you and the vision are one when your actions flow out of a knowing that’s greater than your fears. Sure, you might be stunned by an obstacle, but it doesn’t determine your ultimate response. Your ultimate response comes from your true, authentic, pure voice.

Mary E. DeMuth

We cannot let the haters of this world define us. Or frighten us into no longer being ourselves.

Mandy Hale

Consider the fact that maybe…just maybe…beauty and worth aren’t found in a makeup bottle, or a salon-fresh hairstyle, or a fabulous outfit. Maybe our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside, somewhere so pure and authentic and REAL, it doesn’t need gloss or polish or glitter to shine.

Vironika Tugaleva

There's nothing more beautiful than authenticity. There's nothing stronger than vulnerability. There's no better time than now.

Dawn Gluskin

Nothing is more attractive than being your authentic self!

Brennan Manning

Accepting the reality of our sinfulness means accepting our authentic self. Judas could not face his shadow; Peter could. The latter befriended the impostor within; the former raged against him.

Margaret Atwood

The possibility of injury or death was a strong attraction: as the online world became more and more pre-edited and slicked up, and as even its so-called reality sites raised questions about authenticity in the minds of the viewers, the rough, unpolished physical world was taking on a mystic allure.

Tom McCarthy

[...]to be real-to become fluent, natural, to cut out the detour that sweeps us around what's fundamental to events, preventing us from touching their core: the detour that makes us all second-hand and second-rate.

Stéphanie Lequette-de Kerbenoaël

Telle une pierre philosophale, l'authenticité semble ainsi avoir le pouvoir de transformer en or l'assemblage de toile et de pigments que constitue un tableau.

Robert Bresson

Nothing more inelegant and ineffective than an art conceived in another art's form.

Vironika Tugaleva

We sacrifice our potential because we do not know that we are pure potential.

Agnostic Zetetic

If it’s convenient to love you, you’re lying to someone about who you are or what you need.

Vironika Tugaleva

Of course, being open and vulnerable will lead us to, sometimes, experience pain. But what is pain? It is simply a feeling. It is not forever. If you get pain from some person or thing too many times, you can always walk away. To risk a lifetime without pleasure simply to avoid pain is ludicrous.

Mandy Hale

Your message, your ministry, your influence is built from your flaws. People relate to HUMANITY...not perfection.

G.G. Renee Hill

Keep going even when the going is slow and uncertain.
Make your dream your prayer and your service.
Don’t wait for recognition. Let it find you working.
Romanticize authenticity instead of perfection.

Suzanne Letourneau

You are only Invulnerable when you are in Fear

Richie Norton

Live to start your stupid ideas, and start to live a life without regret-a life filled with meaning, freedom, happiness, fun, authenticity, and influence.

Jim Cookson

We all have an opportunity and responsibility to create a legacy. A legacy which is resilient, sustainable and authentic." - Jim Cookson, Doctoral Student, Ashridge Business School, UK, August 2014

Kevin Roose

When the author admits to Christians that he was not a Christian himself, he says their dialogue became "distant and rehearsed, like a pitch for Ginsu knives.

Vironika Tugaleva

We crave magic because we are magic. We crave power because we are pure power.

Vironika Tugaleva

Within, you hold a tiny piece of eternity, a fraction of life, a mirror of the universe.

Miya Yamanouchi

The saying 'flattery gets you everywhere' appalls me. If you're going to pay someone a compliment make sure it's 100% genuine or not at all.-Flattery is deception and who wants to be lied to?

Richie Norton

Your life should consist of more than commuting, working, eating, surfing the Internet, sleeping and watching TV. Your life should be filled with purpose-driven experiences and projects that bring excitement, passion, energy, and authentic meaning and joy into your life.

Vironika Tugaleva

In your heart, you have a song that will change the world, once you give yourself permission to sing.

Heidi Reagan

When we connect with our personal authenticity and truth, the vitality that is triggered becomes an eternal spring of regenerative passion that continues to expand our experience.

Nathaniel Branden

It is naive to think that self-assertiveness is easy. To live self-assertively-which means to live authentically-is an act of high courage. That is why so many people spend the better part of their lives in hiding-from others and also from themselves.

S. Kelley Harrell

We can’t turn our true selves off and on situationally and expect them to carry and sustain us. Rationing creativity results in bipolarism of the spirit. Our creativity is also our life force. When we turn it off and on like a spigot, we start to become less and less able to control the valve.

Henna Inam

Our suppressing who we are to fit in is exhausting. It kills flow and creativity. It also prevents genuine connection with others.

Raimy Diaz

Don't just be a consumer, be a creator. Somewhere inside you is a masterpiece waiting to be exposed.

Brené Brown

If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief.

Henna Inam

Confused? Confusion is good. It’s an excellent place to learn something new from.

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