Terry Crouson Quotes

Terry Crouson Quotes

Transformation has its root in information. To accomplish the former we must improve the latter.

We're all wired a little differently and our light shines best and brightest when we find our own switch. Be yourself and be the best at it.

Gratitude is the universal lens that corrects all vision problems.

When things line up against you, don't forget who is lined up behind you.

One of the surest roads to mediocrity, is to be overly concerned with pleasing others. It is, in the long run, a vain pursuit.

To influence the mind, we must infiltrate the heart.

To be all we are designed to be, we must consult the great designer - consistently.

To stand tall in times of tribulation, we must kneel down in times of preparation.

Is it possible the majority of our problems can be traced to our lack of flexibility - particularly at the knees?

Stop, Read, and Listen. It may not help you cross the street but it sure will help you go down the right path.

Reading is the Feeding that your mind has been Needing,

The blessings of today trump the cares of tomorrow. Be in the moment and enjoy the day. There'll never be another like it.

If we want to be seen in a different light, we must change the lamp within.

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