Tom Hackett Quotes

Tom Hackett Quotes

If we are afraid to know the heartbreaks of Love, we will never know the full capacity of Love's Joy. It is in experiencing Love's sunrise and sunset of life that we learn to appreciate its fullest ascendancy.

Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, why must there be a special day to show we care or Love someone? Wouldn’t life be more joyful for everyone if we made every day a celebration of life?

Love is the passion of Life that marks the journey to our true destination.

Reason is the ten mile marker on the journey of a hundred miles. Faith is the compass that points the way.

The more I work at not controlling everyone and everything,
the more I leave the door open for God to show me the way.

How often have you heard, “All it takes is willpower?” When we find we have very little, is it not more sensible to exchange ‘willpower’ for ‘faith’ and leave it in the hands of a higher power that cares more for us than we care for ourselves?

True success is not measured by one’s quantity of time upon this earth, but by the quantity of Joy experienced.

Now is the place where the Miracles of life occur. If your mind is occupied with worry, anger or fear, they most surely will go unnoticed.

The renewal and beauty of nature is awesome to behold, but the magnificent beauty and power of the pristine Soul is beyond the expression of mere words.

The beauty and goodness that one sees in others is always a reflection of that which is within oneself.

Two Hearts, intertwined like the branches of a tree in Love’s embrace, discover the beauty of their true nature as they grow together in the Light.

The path is long, narrow and treacherous, but if we keep our Heart and Soul in balance, the way is sure.

Love is a rhythm of the Heart that often uses no words, yet speaks so eloquently to the soul

When there is no agenda, the loving Heart has bound it’s bliss to Divine Providence.

Unspeakable Joy is known only by those who only speak from the Heart.

As the pen is to the scribe, love is the language of the heart.

Stop yourself the moment you begin to think there is a problem on the horizon. That thought immediately becomes the problem since our thoughts create our reality.

When we learn not to judge others, we are beyond their insults. When we feel insulted we have judged another’s insult of us and acknowledged it.

Good Friends are like STARS in the night, their light is a beacon that guides us on the path of peace, love and contentment.

Prayer is not as complex as it may seem. When we are at a loss for words, sometimes the simplest thing to do is make a mental list of all the good things in our lives (family, friends, pets, etc.) and with a grateful heart just say… “Thank you God”.

A hallmark of the fluidity of one’s soul is the ability to adapt in a positive way to the circumstances of life.

There are many roads that lead to a happy joyful life but two of the most useful are called kindness and compassion".

When we allow the worries of tomorrow to permeate our minds, we give them the power to obfuscate the joy of today.

The greatest joy that we can awaken to is LIFE because therein lies unlimited JOY, if we so choose.

Seek happiness and joy in those things that most take for granted. If we spend our time waiting for great miracles to occur in our lives, we miss the small, everyday wonders of life.

The natural flow of the Universe is designed to always take us to our place of learning; sometimes painful, sometimes joyful but always the place that gives us needed experience and wisdom

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