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Type: Speaker, life coach

Born: 0


Vironika's work helps people cultivate self-love, heal mental and emotional suffering, develop healthy self-care habits, build deeper relationships with others, and unleash their inner potential to change the world.

Vironika is a different kind of teacher for a new generation. She doesn't wear makeup on her face and doesn't cover up her humanity. She openly speaks about her failures, imperfections, and struggles. Vironika's experience did not come from any university, organization, church, or school of thought. Her wisdom flowered out of her recovery from a decade-long struggle with mental health, addiction, eating disorders, and profound self-hatred.

Having pulled herself out of the clutches of mental illness and profound suffering, Vironika strongly believes in the power, as well as the responsibility, within each person to do what she has done - to heal themselves and go on to heal the world.

Despite her success with healing herself and helping thousands of people around the world, Vironika will not call herself an expert. She believes that, deep within, we all have the antidote to our own suffering and the key to the door of our own happiness. She believes in being a guide, not a guru. She helps people become the experts on themselves.

Vironika Tugaleva Quotes

Discovering the truth of who you are is the only way to love and care for yourself.

In our thoughts, we hold the key to our feelings. In our minds, we hold the key to love.

While we tend to think of love as some faraway place, it is actually a place nearby that we have forgotten.

The desire to be loved, to feel loved, is behind every diet, pill, surgery, and lie. It is behind each act of violence and every affair as well as each organized religion and every method of self-help.

Love is more abundant than we could possibly imagine. Just like there is more air than we could possibly breathe in, there is more love than we could possibly perceive.

Who was I fooling, telling my heart to quiet its beautiful song so I could march in the parade of conformity? My biggest fool was me.

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