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Vishwas Chavan is a scientist, science diplomat, author, motivational speaker, and spiritual thinker.

Vishwas Chavan Quotes

Don't try to be happy, just be happy. Because your happiness does not depend on others. Be the reason for your own happiness.

Words are the most powerful instrument that we have been bestowed it. Use it for healing the cosmos.

Both joy and gratitude go hand in hand together. More grateful you are more joyful you will be.

The simple secret of looking beautiful, SMILE please!

I feel Grateful today. What do you feel?

Life is a one long flight, that ends even before you realize that it has taken off. Live it and Love it to the fullest.

Be inspired for greatness.

Do you have a mind open to everything? Being open to all possibilities is a key to success.

The moment you get started, you commit yourself to unlimited success potential.

When you accept your situation as a blessing, you become courageous to turn it in your favor, and emerge as a winner.

Live life with full presence and power.

Don't discount your life story, because every life is a success story.

Motivation has a reason and outcome, where in inspiration is beyond reason and outcome.

Believe that you are a miracle, and you will be a miracle.

Key to success: focus, focus and focus. It is the degree of the FOCUS that determines the height of one's success.

Success cease when you forget the biological impulse to advance.

Fundamental key to success is one's inborn impulse to advance.

Creativity is your birthright, don't deny it.

Ask yourself - Are you moving forward in life?

Being with truth can be painful, but truth can never be denied.

Both sadness and anger are the two sides of same coin. Sadness is supressed anger, while anger is expressed sadness. Both sadness and anger are state of unhappiness, which are often because lack of self-love.

What stands between soulful, spiritual, and successful you is the wall of self assumed and society induced fears. Kill the fear with the fountain of love that is there within you. Being love is the best way to overcome fear.

Let failuers be your reason to strengthen your determination and passion to succeed.

What we consider defeat, is a lesson to learn for a win in future.

Respecting women should be our utmost priority. Nation and the world can only be peaceful and blissful, if we realize the role Shakti plays in our life.

There is a minor difference between successful and not so successful ones. When 99% of the population worries about HOW, 1% people focus on realizing 'WHY' they have to be successful. Bigger is your WHY, grandeur will be your success.

What you think of yourself will shape your future. Life is too short to play it small. Play the life of an influencer and impacter, rather than that of a follower and mediocre.

Be the background music of people’s life, and they will in turn be the backbone of your success.

Success is like scaling Everest. It is important that before you chase mountain, you sketch the Everest of your dreams.

Your greatest victory will always be over yourself.

Courage cannot be gifted to you, but it is a choice you make.

Never allow your current situation to make you small minded.

Stop complaining, start contributing; stop crying, start smiling; and stop criticizing, start praising.

Be an inspiration for others.

When you drop thinking that you are ordinary, you open up to potential to be an extraordinary.

It is possible to be a rich and monk at the same time.

Seeking change always requires a touch of insanity.

It is essential to reclaim your agenda or purpose of life.

The moment you break your integrity, you snap your connection with your soul.

Rather than fighting the demons outside, defeat the demons within.

Integrity is a state of mind. Success is directly proportional to ones inner integrity.

One of the fundamental secret of being successful is to Get Started.

Be inspired for greateness.

Miracle is a pinnacle of success.

You are born as a complete package. Godliness, truth, abundance, peace, love, happiness, guru (the teacher), wisdom, inspiration, as well source of energy and light are all within you. Don't search for them outside. Reach for them within yourself.

We have no control on the past. However, we can manage the presence, and plan for a better future.

You are the reason
For my blessings
And you will be the inspiration
Of my enlightened being

What I call "slumdog hope" is unique. It is the ability of the mind to be hopeful in the worst of the worst scenarios when a person with normal emotional strength may crack and succumb to the pressures of life. Those who possess this unflinching and undettered hope are likely to become slumdog millionaries.

There is no shortcut to confidence building; it is a process that involves succeeding at something challenging. One needs to consciously work on every aspect of confidence building whether for one's own benefit or the benefit of others.

You are born with infinite possibilities. Take responsibility for turning these possibilities into reality, and you will be bestowed with success, love and eternal peace.

With positivity, one can emerge a winner under any circumstances, the reason being that the positivity brings positive changes. It is the seed of grateness.

When your resolve to succeed is unshakable, no 'odds' can stand between you and your success. Look at our parents. In their own way, they have demonstrated before us: how to survive and prosper against all odds!

A belief in yourself, and your dreams, your ability to achieve them, and the purpose of life are essential ingredients of success. In fact, I tend to believe that success is directly proportional to the degree of belief.

Being involved with passion is one of the common characteristics I have observed in all the successful people I have come across.

There are smart ways to success but no short cuts. Becoming successful is a process, and it's important that one moves through all the required steps. One cannot buy or bribe one's way to success; it needs to be earned.

Open relating is transparent, godly, with a commitment of the heart, without expectancy and yet devotional; it is similar to what you have with God or Supreme Consciousness.

Spirituality and Science are two sides of the same coin. Spirituality is the quest to explore, understand, and being at peace with the microcosm within yourself; the science is that of the macrocosm called universe.

When you place your faith in fate, you deny yourself an honorable self existence and right to live in peace.

When you give, give without any expectations.

Prayer is an epitome of gratitude.

When you love yourself first, you love the universe itself, because you are microcosm.

Broke people are busy with their time, wherein successful people are productive with their time.

When your progress makes you close to embrace others, then you are sure heading towards downfall.

Self discipline is crucial for ones success.

When you embrace gratitude, it heals you & empower you to heal others.

Self esteem determines magnitude of your success.

One of the best way to make significant progress in all areas of life is to embrace the principles of visualization. Visualisation is one of the most under utilised tool that everyone has been blessed with. If becoming soulfully successful is your dream, then adopt and implement the power of visualisation.

Success is a journey of the celebration called life.

Being hopeful for your success is like hoping to win a lottery. Success is a matter of choice.

Enlightenment is not a recipe that some Guru or Master can offer you. It is a process of self awakening that begins within you, when you realise larger than life purpose of being a human.

Success is a journey and not a destination.

If you have talent then don't hide it. You are gifted with it to benefit yourself and others.

The best way to be positive and happy is to be in gratitude all the time.

Never forget the worst phase, and blame the bad times. Be in gratitude for the lessons learnt. Cherish the goodtimes.

Who you are today is the outcome of the choices you have made in the past. Choices that you will make today, will shape your future.

Illuminate your path to a greater success.

Cleanliness is a freedom movement for an aspiring Nation. Culture of cleanliness will influence the heygine, health, asthetics and natural setting of the nation, which is a new age currency of a country.

Success is an outcome of conscious choices pursued consistently and tirelessly.

Diwali is festival of lights, being soulful at heart & blissful in mind.

Broader and deeper your understanding of success; greater, grandeous, and sustained is your success.

Turn your fear into love, and pain into power to take on challenges. Then, difficult moments will turn into as an ocean of opportunities; and rejections and failures will evolve into sustained success.

Simplicity leads to more sustained and cherishable success.

Truth always prevails. Both divine and devil are two sides of the same coin. Rather, devil is in the divine and divine is in the devil. It is for us to make a conscious choice, whether we want to be devil or divine. Let us choose good over evil.

Smart, Succulent, Simple, Steady, Soulful Self wins the race of life.

It takes immense courage to awaken the spirit of billions across the world - to ensure that they have freedom to be free, independent and non-violent.

Accountability and self-responsibility are critical to our success in personal, professional and public life. However, we often look for those character traits in others, rather than inculcating them in ourselves.

I am of the opinion that a tantric lifestyle can not only build successful individuals, but it has the potential to shape successful yet harmonious communities and even business enterprises.

Where there is love, there will be an abundance of success and love. However, love is something within us. So focus on your own self-worthiness, and love will begin to blossom within you, around you, for you and for others in your life.

Your success is directly proportional to the number of lives you have touched for the better.

Success is guaranteed to those who dare to dream, are courageous enough to be devoted to their dreams, and have the determination to realise them. If you think you have these three qualities, then I welcome you to the club of SUCCESS!

When you challenge the social conditioning as well as your own understanding of life, you experience liberation. Adopting path of liberation leads to the success. Success blossoms your spirituality as it strengthens the connection with divinity.

Remember, you are the true guru of yourself. You are therefore always with Guru - your soul. However, at various stages you meet mentors. Mentors are like lighthouse who supports navigation in a journey called life. But, it is the innocence, vision, and purity of yourself (Guru within) determines the degree of success you can achieve.

Life in itself is a journey of successes. Moment you decide to step out of your comfort zone, your journey to success begins. Self love is the primary inspiration to undertake this journey of successes. Each one of us are bestowed with unlimited self love, because we are the source of our own love.

Your past may not have been great. Your present may be painful and troublesome. However, your future can certainly be successful, peaceful and soulful because you have the power to shape your future by having control over your thoughts.

Success is directly proportional to the degree of realization of the purpose.

Success = Dream x Plan x Work
Conscious dreams are essential components of your success. When you are backed up by a convincing dream, meticulous planning, and 100% execution, you are bound to be victorius.

I strongly believe that success is directly proprotional to one's ability to be simple and comfortable. In fact, simplicity and comfort have a multiplication effect, thus increasing the chances of expedited and sustained success.

Both transparency and trust form the basic component of truth itself. With truth, there is no need to be untrue. If one is truthful, then there is godliness because God is truth. And when godliness is on your side, success is guaranteed.

It is easy to climb the ladder of success if one is working on issues and aeas which are not frequented by the masses, provided one is ready to face challenges.

No height is impossible to scale. What matters is your perspective of looking at it.

If every citizen across the globe is committed to their life, each of them deserves to be successful. As individuals emerge victorius, nations will be prospering in health, wealth, peace and harmony.

Being a team player will help you climb the ladder of success. Furthermore, a successful team player can rise to the level of team leader in the future.

Sacrifice has great value in that it not only achieves personal success but builds successful communities, nations and humanity. Each moment spent in selfless sacrifice makes you a stronger person, and such strength fosters the required determination to cope with adversity and hardship for the sake of others.

Disrespecting an importance of time is like denying respect for life itself.

Love and freedom are two elements that differentiate man from a woman, but are also responsible for union of man with woman.

Fear, anger, jealousy, hatred of self and others are the outcomes of the lack of connectivity with your inner self. Connecting with your inner self and awakening your inner sensuality is not a luxury anymore, but it has become the necessity.

When someone reacts violently and aggressively, it only goes to demonstrate the lack of truth, trust and confidence in oneself and issue that we are defending. It rather portrays the guilt, shame and self anger for defending the indefensible.

Fear, jealousy and anger are manifestations of a lack of being in love. Being in love is possible only when you are in love with yourslef first. Self-love is an inborn quality that has been corroded because of social conditioning. As a result, we forget that love is within is, or rather, we are the source of love.

There is no need to shy away from your sexuality. We are born out of sex. It is the most creative act we are gifted with.

I strongly believe that luck favours those who are in submission to the cause, nature and its godly principles.

Cleanliness beings with purity of your own mind, thoughts and heart.

Life in love with you
Is a poerty of the heart
Is a song of divinity, and
A cosmic dance.

Spirituality is the evolution of desire.

With the harmonious balance between materialist nature and spiritual attitude, it is possible to be affluent yet with the soul of a saint. Such a state is a synthesis of matter and soul; the Rich Monk is a way to be rich in two ways.

Imbibing the art of giving is not only a spiritual act; it is a belief n the future, and that future has to be good. Giving is investing in that future; it is like helping to make the dream come true not only for you but for others.

When you delay or postpone the task, you are actually delaying and postponing your own commitment to yourself. When you do this, you deceive your own soul, dreams and peace.

Be the peace. Peace is something that you need to recognise, because peace is within you. Be in peace with yourself, and the world will be peaceful with you.

Life is a balancing act. While we have all the rights to be in freedom, peace, harmony and bliss; we do have a responsibility to ensure that others too enjoy their own freedom, peace, harmony and bliss.

If every citizen can get rid of indiscipline syndrome, we have immense potential to build more productive, conflict-free, harmonious and peaceful communities, societies, cities, nations and world.

We alays blame the outer world for our failures, unhappiness and frustration. It is time to realise that it is health, harmony and wealth of our inner world that determine the degree of our success, joy, peace and bliss.

It is time that humanity realize that "Blissful Womb is the key to the Peaceful World".

When you can inspire others to dream, learn, evolve, and become one that they can appreciate and respect themselves; then you have arrived as a leader.

Love yourself, your cause in life, your dreams and ambitions so much that no matter what the circumstances are, you can achieve success because success is an indication and demonstration of how much you love yourself.

Transformation is an ongoing process, that we can't stop, but we can immensely benefit from it.

Embrace, nurture, love and celebrate the child in self and others; because being child is being a future.

My body is a temple where my soul resides.

Today is a day of 'doing' & 'celebration'. When you do it responsibly, life becomes soulful celebration.

Being awakened is a state in which every cell of the body is able to communicate with the soul, and the soul is able to communicate with the body.

the fragrance in my words is not me
But a reflection of your soul
The scent of jasmine is the beauty of your heart
That is the source of soulful you

We are a product of love, so why stop loving ourselves and others.

Irreverence towards women means denouncing your own existence. Respecting women is a way of expressing gratitude towards the universal source of creativity.

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