Wayne Chirisa Quotes

Wayne Chirisa Quotes

To seek acceptance is to seek pity, but to give acceptance and love is to gain the hearts of many.

Do not work hard for the love of money; but work hard to enrich the life you love.

Inspiration should not only end in words; action is required if you desire a brighter future.

Leadership is preceeded by a vision for all; a true leader will lead the nation into an unforseen desired dimensional transformation that even the dead will clap their hands.

Dress well because you can; not because its a choice imposed you.

Diamonds and pearls are earth's treasures, love is the greatest treasure of life in the physical and life in Spirit.

Wars of the foolish are destructive, wars of the wise bring transformation.

That which is physical wears out and returns to mother nature; but the soul we sacrifice in the process of taking from mother nature we cannot get back.

Revenge is but a temporary gratification, but that which stays within you longer is the guilt and sin after revenging making you not much of a better person.

Science is the manifestation of a fraction of human potential.

Live each day with love; for it inspires the world around you to embrace love.

Absolute faith rules out the element of trying, by igniting the element of faithfully doing, that which your vision or dream has inspired you to do.

If humanity as a whole was to embrace and practice love; mankind would make history of transforming a bleak world overnight, for out of love we do the right things that are not meant to harm but to build.

The hopeful spirit of a positive mindset shines like the moonlight in darkness when all other stars have ceased to shine.

What matters most is not what you see but what you believe; for what you believe dictates how you act on what you see.

You are only as rich as your will power.

True love still exists if you believe in it; just as one candle light shines upon many in darkness, so is the light of ones heart that believes in true love.

Do not break your silence to create war between people, but speak the truth that heals.

Excellence does not need you to be perfect, but to be dedicated to what you commit yourself to.

To be the best of the best is to understand the concept of believing in yourself in as much as the best of the best believed in themselves.

Personal growth does not require a pre-qualification from anyone; pre-qualify yourself towards your potential; your mind and faith will start propelling your focus in that direction.

The biggest debt crisis one could have with life is lack of love.

We are not obligated to like each other, but rather to love one another.

If you have not given up as yet, failure is not a relevant social status in your life.

Technology, is the platform that inspires the dynamics of business culture.

That which is dark to one's eye, is relative to the level of purity within.

No one is born poor, but we are all born as ordinary humans; it is the poor mindset that makes poor choices that qualifies one as poor in spirit and in the mundane.

Courage is not only a form of inspiration, but an effective weapon to achieve anything you desire on this earth.

Strengthen the weak, for mother nature provides ways to strengthen you; and that's beauty of life we need one another.

Addiction suppresses the soul that lacks the support and will power to overcome.

To overcome in the physical, you must first conquer in the spirit.

There is more hope for those who are thankful for the simple ife they live, than for those in misery over wealth.

If one does well in life compliment; but do not bow down to their success.

A woman is not an object of convinience; but a creation of Gods purpose.

To fear is to lack courage; and to lack courage is to forsake your true abilities.

It is through vision that innovation is conceived;through will power it is then materialized.

The prize won is only a token; the absolute prize is the positive change your work has made in the communities and across borders.

We are a strong nation not because we are inter-dependant on outside sources; but because we believe in ourselves.

Trust is the fundamental key that upholds the honor of great leadership, without it leadership becomes a status quo of great dis-service to the change your followers desire.

A beautiful body is natures art to beautify the world.

Your external appearance to can be great, but your stunning beauty beams from within.

Captivating beauty motivates the souls of those who see it and appreciate it.

Your external appearance can be great, but your stunning beauty beams from within.

That which is ordinary, is the most beautiful rare treasure you will thirst to find in the artificial world.

Christmas is a joyous holiday season to celebrate get togethers; but take a moment to celebrate the true meaning that brought about the iconic joyous season.

Doing good for others should not be a pre-calculated motive driven by an agenda for future gains; it should be a natural response out of the basic need at hand.

Exotic dancers, your instant key to a blissful vacation of the moment.

Foolishness is simply self inflicted misery.

The world has changed because you have changed;everyone has changed; change is a constant dynamic that inspires the world to adapt to its comformity.

Africa! the blessed land of pure wealth, the sons of the soil tremble over it as they beat the resounding drum; women dancing to the unifying joy of the music in the gold dust of dawn...beloved Africa your concealed power of hope shines.

Hardworking is a good attribute, but the pay off is determined by whether you are investing the great effort in the right place.

A man that loves and cherishes his woman and his family is a man of honor.

To celebrate the birth of new life, is to appreciate the miraculous work of the Creator.

You have the ultimate power to overcome poverty; poverty does not have the right to dictate how you should struggle.

Money has never enriched true love, its the soul from within.

Money is just a form of trade to buy your wants, but it cannot be there for your needs in as much as the loving people around you.

To find love is to find strength.

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