Being In Love Quotes


You can be in love and you can be in a relationship. But they’re not always the same thing.

Vishwas Chavan

What stands between soulful, spiritual, and successful you is the wall of self assumed and society induced fears. Kill the fear with the fountain of love that is there within you. Being love is the best way to overcome fear.

C. JoyBell C.

You will manage to keep a woman in love with you, only for as long as you can keep her in love with the person she becomes when she is with you.

Mark Polish

Everyone knows what falling in love is like but being in love is what people have lost. That intimacy to be in bed with somebody and just laugh and not hold anybody accountable for what they say.

Ram Dass

It is only when you begin to understand that if you and I are truly in love, if I go to the place in me that is love and you to the place in you that is love we are ‘together’ in Love. We start to understand that what love means is that we are sharing a common state together. That state exists in you and it exists in me.

Clarissa Clemens

2 to 1

2 hearts 1 beat
2 lips will meet
2 birds 1 stone
2 never b alone
2 wills 1 goal
2 haves 1 whole
2 be in love
2 be as One


©Clarissa O. Clemens
The Poetic Diary of Love and Change - Volume 1

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