Ignore Quotes

Michael Bassey Johnson

When you start listening to side talks, you begin to behave like a child, and you must kill the child to sustain the man, the man is always overlooking and philosophical.

Thalia Chaltas

I never realized
till now
how hard the brain has to work
to make the body do what it asks.

Or maybe how hard the body has to work
to ignore
the brain.

Rae Carson

I think sometimes when we find love we pretend it away, or ignore it, or tell ourselves we’re imagining it. Because it is the most painful kind of hope there is.

Amit Kalantri

In presence of the Moon nobody sees stars.

Ram Mohan

The theory of attachment is same for humans and computers.
Unknown sender's attachment is blocked..
Known sender's attachment is accepted or ignored..
Heavy attachments are annoying..
Too heavy attachments do not reach..
No attachment is the best option!

Trevor D. Richardson

We’ve been so busy with these things we let ourselves think actually mattered, but they don’t. There’s no such thing as the right career, or morality, or destiny, or fate. There’s only life. And whether you honor it or ignore it. It’s ironic, but in trying to find God we’ve been ignoring life.

Debalina Haldar

History shows: Whenever people try to pull you down, you will reach peaks of success. You just need the ability to ignore.

Beth Ramsay

Great leaders catch and correct problems while they’re still small and able to be managed without a lot of hassle. If ignored too long, small problems will morph into much bigger issues that will require more time and effort and at a high cost, causing a great deal of disruption and stress.

Michael Bassey Johnson

When you choose your life, ignore people, when you make it in life, remember some friends, when you sing a song, praise your source, when predicaments arises, stand your ground.

Amit Kalantri

Statements of ordinary people are ignored like poor freebies, statements of great people are accepted like profound philosophy.

Ikechukwu Izuakor

Until pains are endured, depressions surmounted, mockeries ignored and goliaths conquered, destiny might not be achieved

Charlie Huston

Pain cannot be ignored. However, it can be endured. When necessary, a great deal of pain can be endured. Just ask my mother.

Junaid E Mustafa

As dogs are to bark, some people are to mock.

Unknown Author

Weak people revenge
Strong people forgive
Intelligent people ignore

A.J. Darkholme

Express [yourself] without worrying what everyone else will think. Those people are your limits. Ignore them.

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