Weeds Quotes

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

A weed is but an unloved flower.

Benjamin Franklin

A man of words and not of deeds,
Is like a garden full of weeds.

Brian Martinez

Christopher throws dandelion head after dandelion head into his bag. It's getting heavy now and his fingers are stained from the work but there are still so many left to kill. His biggest mistake is giving them names.

Ryan Lilly

I've never written a quote I feel would be suitable for my gravestone. Wouldn't it be ironic if it were this one? Oh, and could you pull a few weeds while you're here?

Günter Grass

When the young woman
leans over the sky,
about to water the flowers as well as the weeds,
her white front splits open
until her milk runs.


When life is not coming up roses
Look to the weeds
and find the beauty hidden within them.

Soul Dancer

Promises, like gardens need weeding from time to time to produce healthy results.

Ruth McLeod-Kearns

Becky was a weed.  Nobody ever wanted them taking over the bigger, prettier plants.  People went to all extremes to make them go away.  They sprayed poison, pulled until the roots gave way. They felt only like their garden was complete when every tendril was extirpated.  This was how she felt from birth.

Victor Hugo

With the exercise of a little care, the nettle could be made useful; it is neglected and it becomes hurtful. It is exterminated. How many men resemble the nettle!" He added with a pause: "Remember this, my friends: there are no such things as bad plants or bad men. There are only bad cultivators.

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