A.R. Von Quotes

A.R. Von Quotes

His eyes go wide while a gasp of wonder passes his lips. He turns his body fully toward us. His lips moving like a fish out of water, gasping for breath. He gives his head a shake and stutters out, “Mer - mermaids. There are fish with women’s bodies or - women with fish bodies sitting upon the rocks. I - I never knew...

I now can say I no longer fear death. Instead welcome it with open arms…

Eat dirt evil doer!

She knows exactly what I like and what it does to me. She worships my body in its entirety and I allow it - I crave it.

I will always be within reach if you need me, little one...

Those items your woman is looking at are a gift from the goddess, you oaf!

Focus on the now and kick ass!

Just give me more, better memories to replace the bad ones. I’ll be back to normal before we know it.

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