Aaron B. Powell Quotes

Aaron B. Powell Quotes

The world is a goddamned evil place, the strong prey on the weak, the rich on the poor; I’ve given up hope that there is a God that will save us all. How am I supposed to believe that there’s a heaven and a hell when all I see now is hell.

There’s nothing worse than being violently jerked away from creativity.

We need to be fit and ready for anything that might come our way.

I’m just happy to have experienced life; to have had a beautiful son and to have loved.

The greatest trick Christianity ever pulled was convincing the world that Satan exists.

Christianity rejects tolerance and demands choice, wherein lies its greatest flaw - one of a multitude of contradictions found throughout the Bible and the historical doctrine of the Church.

Good lord, what have I gotten myself into?

If we didn't know better we would love one another.

God does not make war? God makes us, and we make war. God makes war.

There is no glory in the sacrificing of oneself in the name of imperialism by order of elitist politicians. But this is what our young service members are led to believe.

The more I learn, the more I yearn.

Save the children, save mankind.

Never forget the tribulations that we have endured. We are all one energy, and we are all part of God. You are one family now. Do not allow yourselves to find reasons to separate yourselves. Share everything; help each other in raising your children. Love each other, and love life.

Once you get into your thirties, you stop giving a fuck what people think about your opinions. You're more confident.

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