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Type: Poetic humorist, children\'s author

Born: Manchester, United Kingdom


Benny Bellamacina, Songwriter/musician, poetic humorist, children's author and father of six children. Born: Manchester, United Kingdom. Now based in London.

Benny Bellamacina Quotes

When penciling in your future, always use a pen

Give love, take pride

Words can be a fortress or a drawbridge to disaster

It’s free to feed your mind and your mind feeds your body

If there are two straight sides to every story, they’ll always be one lopsided truth.

If you wake up tired, you’ve been chasing dreams. If you go to bed tired, your making your dreams happen.

I grew up once, I decided never to do it again

There's no greater show on earth than observing human nature

Cheapen words and they'll cheapen you

Love life, Live Love

Education is meaningless without manners

If everyone wants to be somebody, I want to be somebody else

Lend me your ears and you can borrow my mind

Material wealth can be bad for your health.
Because when you’re in the soil it’ll make your blood boil,
that you couldn’t keep it all for your self.

Raise a smile and lower stress

Never say no to now

We're on a planet, relax!

When your tears become invisible, disappear

When the road ahead seems impossible, start the engine

Free your mind from routine, keep your brain somewhere else

Never let your uniqueness be compromised

If the moment is everthing, then everything is time.

If you change who you are to suit other people, you may end up dressed for the wrong occasion

Love will never let you down, if you don't give it up

Want less, live more

When you’ve tried everything and failed, try everything else and succeed

You can change your mind, don't let your mind change you

When you can't get what you want, get what you need

Lifes like a painters palette, just when you've got everything worked out the colours change

If your dreams are to hard to achieve, just achieve

Sometimes the only way to succeed is to fail backwards

If those at your top are weak, your bottom will be rotten

Giving is the only way of taking part

You can't always be right, but you can be wrong a lot less

Question everything, unless it's the answer

Always blow your own trumpet, blowing someone else’s is unhygienic

If your dreams seem to be drifting away, wake up!

If your treated like a puppet find a new ball of string

A bunch of bad songs, make an awful whine.

The life we’re given is on a thread, so wear it well.

Be generous with your smile and try not to frown.
And you will see my children; your smile will never let you down ☺

Going down in history is a dead end pursuit

I do, I am

I’ve always been driven, unfortunately not always in the right direction.

I've found a great hiding place for all my money, down the drain

Age may catch up with you, just never let it over take you.

Frame everything and some of it will become art.

Your mind will never be dull, if you remember there is never enough to learn for it to be to full.

I had everything summed up in a nutshell unfortunately I lost the nut.

If you can't laugh at yourself, maybe you're not funny

If you forget who you've become remember who you are

If you can't make ends meet, meet them in the middle instead

True love, loves true

If the colour of life turns grey turn the palette the other way

If water was beer I'd be a teetotaler

If you count sheep before you go to sleep, are you barrrrr'd from dreams?

Sometimes being given the elbow can turn out to be the best hand.

lose weight, eat backwards.

I’ve just found out I’m allergic to nut-cases

I was going to shave this morning but mislaid my chin

I’ve been trying to get my career off the ground for so long, I’ve given up and decided to become a pilot.

Christmas comes but once a year, starts in August ends in July

When you reach the middle of your career ladder, turn it the other way around and slide down to the top

Best that all mischief be undertaken behind a squeaky door

If you’re given a dirty look, wash it and give it back.

All the best pubs are built on a hill, so you can slope in and roll out.

When you’re going out of your mind always leave the door open!

Never look in the mirror when your stressed it’s contagious

Never make an excuse for going to the pub, save it for leaving.

Always stay one step a head, unless you’re already there

If you want to know what's going on, keep your mind in the fridge or it might go off.

Life is like a one rung ladder, some days you can be on the top and bottom of the world at the same time

A sneeze can never be to far away

There’s only one person to blame for lack of self confidence

I’ve been living on the edge for so long, my friends call me Cliff

Eat ten of your five a day and live twice as long

When the only exorcise you get is running for a bus, get more buses!

It's never too late to change, unless you're already fully undressed

I used to be a know it all, then I learnt something else

Sometimes the walk to the doctors is a better cure than the medicine you receive

Old age is not just for grown up's

You can print a book, unfortunately you can’t print the audience

When the loneliest place on earth is in your mind, move out!

Try jogging when following your heart, it's healthier

Better to have too much time to manage, than too much money that manages all your time

Being kind is not hereditary

My philosophical heart will not judge thee

Success can bring you happiness, finding happiness is success

Dreaming's great as long as you wake up now and again

Lets Rock Cancer's World

We’re all odd balls; some people are just better at pretending to be even

Avoid the stage of old age sit in the audience, it's all the rage

When you can't think clearly, climb to the top of your thoughts

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