Christopher Bollen Quotes

Christopher Bollen Quotes

You know how hard it is to actually touch the world? To make a mark on it? You die and they bury you in it.

Time was the single asset that every country, every market, depended on.

She had no way of evaluating the beauty of someone so young. All young people looked beautiful to her now.

He tried to imagine the handsome couple by the refrigerator as two sweaty bodies in a bedroom, one on top of the other. Which did what to the other? Mills kept rotating the two men in his mind, which he never had to do when he imagined straight couples having sex.

Art didn’t have to provide answers. It only had to ask questions.

That’s what children eventually were for their aging parents: custodians of technology, free personal IT departments keeping them from disappearing forever from the universal cloud.

Mills was experienced enough to understand what gay men were often forced to be in this world: romantic opportunists.

Women had cup sizes to track their development. Men had a ruler and hope.

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