Christopher Isherwood Quotes

Christopher Isherwood Quotes

The prefect evening...lying down on the couch beside the bookcase and reading himself sleepy...Jim lying opposite him at the other end of the couch, also reading; the two of them absorbed in their books yet so completely aware of each other's presence.

Only those who are capable of silliness can be called truly intelligent.

But now isn’t simply now. Now is also a cold reminder: one whole day later than yesterday, one year later than last year. Every now is labeled with its date, rendering all past nows obsolete, until - later of sooner - perhaps - no, not perhaps - quite certainly: it will come.

vẻ đẹp của họ tựa như vẻ đẹp của thực vật, không bị vướng bận bởi những chuyện phù hoa, lo lắng hay nỗ lực.

...I remember a rainy, depressing afternoon when she remarked 'What a pity we can't make love, there's nothing else to do,' and he agreed that it was and there wasn't.

It’s possible to commit art and entertainment in the same moment.

The gramophone keeps reiterating a statement about life with which I do not agree.

What’s so phony nowadays is all this familiarity. Pretending there isn’t any difference between people - well, like you were saying about minorities, this morning. If you and I are no different, what do we have to give each other? How can we ever be friends?

No, Geo - underneath all that, Nan really loves me. It’s just she wants me to see things her way. You know, she’s two years older; that meant a lot when we were children. I’ve always thought of her as being sort of like a road - I mean, she leads somewhere. With her, I’ll never lose my way.

Does he know about me? George wonders; do any of them? Oh yes, probably. It wouldn't interest them. They don't want to know about my feelings or my glands or anything below my neck. I could just as well be a severed head carried into the classroom to lecture to them from a dish.

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