Donna Lynn Hope Quotes

Donna Lynn Hope Quotes

Powerful words that penetrate the psyche are not forgotten while silence is.

Never go to another woman about your woman. Not unless you want an insidious form of advice.

I'm impressed when men go the distance to show they give a damn. That says nothing about the woman and everything about the man.

I'd rather know a man's sincerity than his love. Whereas I have never needed the latter, one can always count on the former.

Truth and integrity must be so rare these days that it confuses people when they hear it.

Why do I speak forth the unpopular? I have a sweet tooth but not when it comes back up.

Speaking of happiness, those distinctive moments are found outdoors – in the fall, in the winter and always in the mountains where people are few, wildlife is abundant and there is peace in the quiet.

Darling, if I take your breath away, I will give you mine.

Why weren't we born in the same era?" he lamented. She eased past him neither here nor there, looked over her shoulder and whispered, "How mundane and cliche would that be?

There is the purity of love, harmonious in every way, but not meant for a lifetime, and then there is the steady love of commitment - no less real but completely different. She had both.

We love because we can lose. If there was no threat of separation, no death to shake us to our core, we probably wouldn't love much at all.

Even "meant to be" takes work.

People change us. It is a rare, if not an impossible occurrence, that we come out of relationships unscathed. In our dealings with people we take something with us and we leave something behind. Some people are haunted more than others, either by the sweet perfume of another or the stink of regret.

There was once a spirited feral mustang broken in by her stern rider. It was a harmonious relationship for the most part but, like any relationship, she tested the boundaries he placed on her and threw him...Would the rider, having suffered his own wound, retaliate, discipline or forgive?

If I never shed a tear or wondered what happened to someone I actually loved, what makes you believe I'd think twice about you, someone I never even cared for?

Which is worse? Loving someone and not being able to be with them or not loving someone and having to be with them.

I am not one to chase my prey. It either crosses my lips or is tossed away.

If love comes to you in a way that isn't the norm then at least it came to you; not everyone is that lucky.

Marriage is the connecting of the two: Without passion it's just friendship; without friendship it's just lust.

Sometimes, despite how your heart feels, you have to do what you must in order to get the result you need. When it's impossible to walk away then you need to make it hurt and they will walk away for you.

If they were there for you when you had nothing, they are the ones worth having now. If they only notice you because of what you have gained, are they worth having at all?

Friendship is a sacred thing and I do not extend the word lightly. I've had long-term romances in my life but few genuine friendships. I am exceedingly picky about who I let in my inner circle and because of that I have a few friends and many acquaintances.

If there had once been a chance and there had once been love, then it will still be there in spite of time and obstacles. If you can get past that, you can get past a lot.

Once you've surrendered yourself to another, you've been conquered. Surrender = vulnerability. Vulnerability means someone else has the advantage over you. Still interested?

A burdened heart doesn't equate to a lack of faith. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can heal with a simple command. The burden comes from wondering if that's His will and may it be done.

It’s easy to thank God and to be happy when you live a sheltered life and have no concept of suffering; Suffer and then do all of the above.

Busy doesn't mean better. I have never envied a busy person – the one who likes to point out their busy lives to others.

Tolerance. In all my years of debating politics and religion no mind was changed with derision and no thought convicted by way of harshness. You have no right to demand tolerance while deriding others and their beliefs in the process. Want tolerance? Extend it. You’ll be surprised because given it, people will actually listen.

Envy, as distasteful as it is, has seeped into my mind on rare occasions, and those I've envied, although few in number, have only been those that live a life of leisure with peace of mind and time to do such wonderful things as read.

The most beautiful women I have known had one thing in common apart from beauty: humility. It's a shame that those with less to boast about do it the most.

Fortuitous, unexpected beauty is the best beauty because it is unique, and what is unique is remembered.

When you stand next to beauty and know you’re not, you either feel inferior or you’re thankful for the ones who saw you and loved you anyway.

I love men. I also hate men; I wouldn't want to be in a world without them but I have to say, it's not a compliment to know a man wants to sleep with you. It's only a compliment when he will go to great lengths for you.

You're flattered because he wants to sleep with you? Who doesn't he want to sleep with?

You can't be in my world...You live in this one.

Her heart is as soft as her curves and neither are easy to access.

Don't start a fight if you can't duke it out. Either win or concede but whatever you do, don't have others fight for you.

I wonder if pain comes from surrendering or resisting?

Joy – in the fall, winter, and always in the mountains where people are few, wildlife is abundant and there is peace in the quiet.

Some families are an odd melting pot of strangers with the occasional offering of obligation.

You don't build a family by tearing down another one.

When other girls were dreaming about love, she dreamt of love too, but in an entirely different context - the ones they took for granted.

Anyone can be polite to a stranger. Anyone can remain charming when spending time with an acquaintance, but what about those with whom we have familiarity? We hurt, offend and piss off the ones we love the most. Whenever we come home from playing nice and kissing ass instead of lips, we remove the masks and be who we really are.

Why is it you tell me the truth only when you've fallen asleep? It's then that you visit me.

I don’t miss anyone. If I did I would do something about it. Besides, some people come dreams. That’s when they’re honest.

When he comes for her, it’s only in her dreams where she has no control, no way to shut the door, and nowhere to run. That’s when she listens.

You can shoo people away in real life, but not when they force their way in through the dream door.

It's way too easy to see the real face of a person. They're amiable and full of pretense when they want something from you, but the minute you don't give in, back away or put yourself first (like they do) is the minute they show you who they really are.

No, we aren't civilized, even in our business suits and high heels. People are as mean as ever, and as predictable. Underneath it all, we are not so different from what lurks in the wild, perhaps we're worse.

Apathy. What’s hard to understand? They don’t care. Not until it affects them.

I don't admire the person who hides from the world and claims enlightenment. To be purified you have to be tested and there is no better test of strength than dealing with other people.

Don't concern yourself with the opinions of those who judge you. That is placing on them an importance they do not have.

Weird people don't care if they're weird. They are the most entertaining to converse with because nothing is off-limits.

Masks are elaborate and everyone has one. It takes a while to get to know people. This doesn't make them mysterious, it makes them like everyone else.

Three kinds of people get talked about: The fascinating, the freaks and the nefarious.

Love doesn't keep score," he challenged.

I shrugged my shoulders. "But people do...

I think I figured out why I don't have more friends. I find dead people more interesting than the living.

Grab tightly to the reigns of passion and ride into glory for without it life would be stagnant and you would be a spirit without cause.

I’d love to have the kind of friend who would visit me before visiting a man. Otherwise I know where I’m ranked, which is below him.

Who knows you more...your friend or your enemy? It's your enemy that pursues with passion while your friend engages at leisure.

Power, a paycheck and control do sick things to those who have the illusion of possessing it.

So what if you're plain? Anyone can like a beautiful woman or a handsome man. That's easy. But power is the ability to inspire attraction without the obvious.

I have a deep appreciation for anything that challenges my morality. I tend to wonder which thing or person might overpower my beliefs and would I avoid it altogether in order to say, "It didn't conquer me," or would I accept the challenge head-on in an attempt to prevail? Which requires greater courage?

Only cowards cave. The brave get assassinated.

Have you seen what wolves do to their prey? But they do mate for life.

Some people confuse intensity for passion and challenge for attraction.

If its danger you seek, come on over. I covet tranquility but beget the tempest storm.

One woman's definition of success may not be another's. Is success, as the world defines it, an accomplishment in a society this sick?

Some men like shiny new toys. Others like the priceless antique.

I challenge a man to a duel before allowing him near me, and then I take an arrow, dip it in poison, and drive it straight through his heart...But that's on a good day...when I purr and feel delightfully amorous. No need to mention what I'd do on a bad one.

You may want the alpha, but the alpha has his pick.

When it comes to men, I appreciate them, don’t bash them and never love them.

I can't help it. You bring it out in me," he accused. "No," I said. "You're choosing to let me get to you. Don't. It's all in the mind.

It's hard to part the curtains when the dark holds such familiarity.

I smile when I want to cry. I laugh when I want to die.

Regret is her companion and the one who whispers to her often. She has even let hope die and that brings about despair.

The only time she has anything resembling a life is when she sleeps because when she sleeps she can dream.

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