Dorothy Allison Quotes

Dorothy Allison Quotes

Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.

Write to your fear.

Why write stories? To join the conversation.

I did not begin with craft, I began with strong feelings and worked toward craft.

Before I published any of my own stories, I read a great many stories by people as passionate about writing as I was, and I learned something from everyone I read - something most important what I should not try to write.

I did not imagine anyone reading my rambling, ranting stories. I was writing for myself, trying to shape my life outside my terrors and helplessness, to make it visible and real in a tangible way, in the way other people's seemed real - the lives I had read about in books.

It ain't that you get religion. Religion gets you and then milks you dry. Won't let you drink a little whiskey. Won't let you make no fat-assed girls grin and giggle. Won't let you do a damn thing except work for what you'll get in the hearafter. I live in the here and now.

Don't go taking that gospel stuff seriously. It's nice to clean you out now and then, but it ain't for real. It's like bad whiskey. Run through you fast and leave you with pain.

Beauty, my first girlfriend said to me, is that inner quality often associated with great amounts of leisure time.

When I finally let someone into my narrow bed, the first thing I told her was what I could not do. I said, "I can't fix it, girl. I can't fix anything. If you don't as me to fix it, you can ask anything else. If you can say what you need, I'll try to give it to you.

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