Elizabeth E. Castillo Quotes

Elizabeth E. Castillo Quotes

God is the Master Author of your life. He has written every page of your life story in His eternal book. It's up to you to turn up the pages and move on with the next chapter or just get yourself stuck in the same content over and over again."- Elizabeth's Quotes

We may be lost stars in an ocean of constellations on a dark night but do remember we both belong to the same sky. I breathe the same air that you breathe, we both look at the same luminosity above us. You are the music and I am the lyrics." - Elizabeth's Quotes

Anyone can write but not everyone can crystallize that perfect moment which can make a heart skip a beat and dig deep into one's soul." - Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo' s Quotes

Love is a soft whisper coming from the beating one's heart. It's gentle rhythm gives you a feeling of ecstasy you cannot readily fathom for it's not easily defined nor there are finite reasons as to why it is felt by someone.

A true great artist at heart never ceases to create, continuously amazes and keeps sharing his gift despite barriers, judgement, fears and dreaded myths. If you stopped being creative out of fear or loss of self-esteem or pride, you were never an artist first and foremost for you have ran away from your true calling." - Elizabeth's Quotes

Poetry lets me pour out my various emotions even the suppressed ones we didn't know exist inside us' til the moment you start jotting down what you're feeling. It's more than an escape into the unknown, a refuge for your creativity and sometimes wild imagination not all ordinary, ungifted people like us understand." -Elizabeth's Quotes

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