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Mik Everett

If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.

Jackie Collins

If you want to be a writer-stop talking about it and sit down and write!

M. Kirin

Let your story grow. Let it surprise you, and it will certainly surprise your readers.. M.
Let your story grow. Let it surprise you, and it will certainly surprise your readers.

Alexei Maxim Russell

The highest privilege of being a writer is being able to say, 'open your mind to me and I'll take you to another world.

M. Kirin

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is beyond our reach. The best time to write is now,
Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is beyond our reach. The best time to write is now, in the present.

Sylvia L'Namira

If you don't write, then read.

Munia Khan

My pen beats faster as I write with my heart

D. Antoinette Foy

Love is wind for the soul

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

With our writings, we can right the world.

Charlotte Eriksson

Being passionate about something is the most beautiful characteristic you can develop.. Charlotte Eriksson
Being passionate about something is the most beautiful characteristic you can develop.

Svetlana Alexievich

Reality has always attracted me like a magnet, tortured and hypnotized me, and I wanted to capture it on paper. So I immediately appropriated this genre of actual human voices and confessions, witness evidences and documents. This is how I hear and see the world—as a chorus of individual voices and a collage of everyday details. In this way all my mental and emotional potential is realized to the full. In this way I can be simultaneously a writer, reporter, sociologist, psychologist and preacher.

Lili St. Crow

Discipline allows magic. To be a writer is to be the very best of assassins. You do not sit down and write every day to force the Muse to show up. You get into the habit of writing every day so that when she shows up, you have the maximum chance of catching her, bashing her on the head, and squeezing every last drop out of that bitch.

Christopher Moore

He was a writer and words were his weapons.

Robert M. Drake

She was a beautiful dreamer. The kind of girl, who kept her head in the clouds, loved above the stars and left regret beneath the earth she walked on.

Robert M. Drake

A tamed woman will never leave her mark in the world.

Don Roff

A writer always writes.

Robert M. Drake

Death is the easy part, the hard part is living and knowing you could be so much more then you’re willing to be.

Charlotte Eriksson

This world can be quite wonderful once you let yourself be a part of it. It’s on your side, you know?

David Nicholls

Sometimes, when it’s going badly, she wonders if what she believes to be a love of the written word is really just a fetish for stationery. The true writer, the born writer, will scribble words on scraps of litter, the back of a bus tickets, on the wall of a cell. Emma is lost on anything less than 120gsm.

A. Saleh

When you write about what you dream, you become a writer.

When you dream about what you write, you become haunted by a curse.

Dorianne Laux

We aren't suggesting that mental instability or unhappiness makes one a better poet, or a poet at all; and contrary to the romantic notion of the artist suffering for his or her work, we think these writers achieved brilliance in spite of their suffering, not because of it.

Charles Dickens

It is no worse, because I write of it. It would be no better, if I
It is no worse, because I write of it. It would be no better, if I stopped my most unwilling hand. Nothing can undo it; nothing can make it otherwise than as it was.

Jack Kerouac

A scene should be selected by the writer for haunted-ness-of-mind interest.
If you're not haunted by something, as by a dream, a vision, or a memory, which are involuntary, you're not interested or even involved.

Roman Payne

Who is better off? The one who writes to revel in the voluptuousness of the life that surrounds them? Or the one who writes to escape the tediousness of that which awaits them outside? Whose flame will last longer?

Marge Piercy

The real writer is one who really writes. Talent is an invention like phlogiston after the fact of fire. Work is its own cure. You have to like it better than being loved.

Lang Leav

I don't think all writers are sad, she said.
I think it's the other way around -
all sad people write.

Michelle Richmond

It's rather disconcerting to sit around a table in a critique of someone else's work, only to realize that the antagonist in the story is none other than yourself, and no one present thinks you're a very likable character.

Stephanie Lennox

All you have to do is put one word after another, and remember how great it feels to be a writer.

Charlotte Brontë

You can write nothing of value unless you give yourself wholly to the the theme - and when you so give yourself - you lose appetite ans sleep - it cannot be helped -

Tobias Wolff

There are very few professions in which people just sit down and think hard for five or six hours a day all by themselves. Of course it's why you want to become a writer - because you have the liberty to do that, but once you have the liberty you also have the obligation to do it.

Christian Bauman

Writing is the only art form where a good number of the artists make a slice of their living criticizing one another in print, in public.

Wendy Swore

Sometimes writing everyday is like pulling teeth, painful, but necessary.

Carl Sandburg

I'm either going to be a writer or a bum.

Kiera Woodhull

I fix the cramped, lined pages
with my curious stare. How do you
come to exist?

Henry Adams

The difference is slight, to the influence of an author, whether he is read by five hundred readers, or by five hundred thousand; if he can select the five hundred, he reaches the five hundred thousand.

Adam Johnson

Writing is hard work, and if anything's true about the process, it's that fact that a good story is hard to find and even trickier to get on paper. What's less romantic than staring alone at a blank screen? And edgy? I've changed the cat little because I didn't know what my characters were going to say next.

Kimberly Novosel

And so I just kept writing to myself.

Nikki Giovanni

If you're a writer, the answer to everything is yes.

Channing Pollock

A critic is a legless man who teaches other people to run

Sharon Delarose

If you live with dogs, you'll never run out of things to write about.

Vladimir Nabokov

The pale organisms of literary heroes feeding under the author's supervision swell gradually with the reader's lifeblood; so that the genius of a writer consists in giving them the faculty to adapt themselves to that - not very appetizing - food and thrive on it, sometimes for centuries.

Vera Nazarian

The other day, when I was deciding where to place a mountain range, how to make
The other day, when I was deciding where to place a mountain range, how to make a river's flow detour around underground stalactite caves, and what precise color to give the sky at sunset, I realized I was God... or an artist and a writer.

Andrea A. Lunsford

...writing surrounds us: it's not something we do just in school or on the job but something that is as familiar and everyday as a pair of worn sneakers or the air we breathe.

Jyoti Arora

No book can be written till it wants to be written, till it shouts to be written, and raises up a persistent din in the writer's head. And then, if you want peace, you just have to pull it out and freeze it in print. Nothing less would do.

Robert Louis Stevenson

A true writer is someone the gods have called to the task.

Jenim Dibie

And on the days I couldn't breathe, I learned to paint air.

Crystal Woods

I didn’t need to be a writer to know that I could. Did you have to become a penis to act like a dick?

Raghad Khalil

as kids we counted on our fingers, as we grew up we started counting more on people, now what do you think was more disappointing?

Ryan Lilly

Quotes are echos of voices transporting wisdom, humor, and love. Returning again to the human condition, fleeting once more as a dove.

Cyril Connolly

As repressed sadists are supposed to become policemen or butchers, so those with an irrational fear of life become publishers.

Sarah Brocious

I couldn't believe a man had written this! Ryker had a way with words and the way with words and the way my emotions got twisted in them was a gift only a true writer possessed.

Roman Payne

Just as a painter paints,
and a ponderer ponders,
a writer writes,
and a wanderer wanders.

M. Kirin

Description is the color in the canvas of your story.

M. Kirin

If you wish to be a writer– then write, and don’t allow anyone to tell you that you’re on the ‘wrong’ path. You know where you’re going, and each word you write gets you a step closer.

M. Kirin

Writing is an adventure. There is no way to know where it will take you, and what you will find. You could find success. You could find fans. Or, best of all, you could find yourself.

M. Kirin


M. Kirin

Do you think you’re not ‘ready’ to start that big story idea/project you’ve been thinking about forever?

Jump in. Write anyway. The only way to make the impossible a reality is to take a leap of faith.

M. Kirin

All great writers share one thing in common:

They finished their books.

M. Kirin

You’re writing someone’s ‘future’ favorite book.

M. Kirin

You were meant to write this book.

M. Kirin

If you were waiting for a sign that you’re meant to be a writer…


M. Kirin

Stop beating yourself up over all the days you didn’t work on your story. Focus on what you can do today.

Sit down, and write.

M. Kirin

All great stories began as shitty first drafts.
There are no exceptions to this.

M. Kirin

Every writer in the history of the world has been afraid to put words on the page. But we only remember those who overcame that fear.

M. Kirin

Originality is not writing the story that has never been told, but writing the stories only you can tell.

M. Kirin

If you only had a year left to live, what book would you write?

Now, write that book.

M. Kirin

The only way to overcome fear and doubt is to go against them.

M. Kirin

Writing is more than just a method to tell stories. It’s a way to find healing, and to healing others.

Anne Carson

I will not stop singing
the Muses who set me dancing.

Robert M. Drake

It’s funny, for all it took was a broken heart and that alone was enough, enough for her to do everything she ever dreamed of.

A.K. Kuykendall

My fingers burn behind the keys of my typewriter, the lettering fading with every thoughtful strike. The many words I write I dare not stall; my mind perpetually alert for my magnum opus call.

Melody Robinette

Writers fly with imaginary wings.

Melody Robinette

Writing fiction is one of the greatest forms of empathy. It's not enough to simply write from the perspective of your characters...you have to feel what they feel.

Anthony Liccione

The paper is my savior, the pen my blood, to words that shed my world.. Anthony
The paper is my savior, the pen my blood, to words that shed my world.

Shannon Taylor Hodnett

Lost in a book is a great place to be found.

Ana Claudia Antunes

How do you paint a writer's block?
Just fill it with fifty shades of black.

Jamie L. Harding

Writing is about taking everyday observations, things which people see almost every day of their lives, and yet bringing it to their attention for the very first time.

Sara Sheridan

I remember calling the council's cemetery department to ask about body decomposition in different soil types. Once they had verified that I was a novelist and not a sicko, they were extremely helpful.

Sanhita Baruah

To write is to reveal oneself.
When I write something, fiction or non-fiction, I do not expect you to accept what I write, nor to agree with what I propose.
I expect you to spend at least a tenth of a second to think about it - may be not about the characters, nor about the piece, but at least about the idea.

Michael Bassey Johnson

If you were destined to be a poet, then you won't brainstorm for lines that rhymes.
If you were destined to be a poet, then you won't brainstorm for lines that rhymes. If you were destined to be a celebrity, then you shouldn't start searching for fans. If you are truly a god, then let others worship you!

Michael Bassey Johnson

It is not in the gene of an Intellectually blinded person to experience the paradise in the writer's imagination.

A.K. Kuykendall

The word 'NO' is the best motivation there is for the storyteller in you.

Nirav Sanchaniya

A Writer is Actor, Creator, Director & Producer Of HIS Life. Ask ME anything.

Sara Sheridan

I am completely unflustered by whichever medium people choose to read my words. I'm just delighted they're reading them at all!

Jamie L. Harding

The best thing about being a writer is that 'work' is always something you love, plus usually accompanied by tea, coffee and cakes of some sort.

Jamie L. Harding

If you're going to fall in love with anyone, fall in love with a writer. Allow yourself to become immortalised in words.

Jamie L. Harding

Writers are not just writers, they are creators of worlds, sculptors of the mind, they are architects of language.

Shannon Celebi

Just write. That's my only tip. And read. I guess that's two.

Dani Harper

There is nothing like the moment you connect with a reader! Nothing like the response that you get when what you have written touches someone in some way. It's a moment in which your work is almost a co-creation, you and the reader joining forces to make your words live.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

To be a better cook, cook more. To be a better writer, read more.

Charlotte Eriksson

And this is what being an artist means, being a poet? To sacrifice yourself for your art, sacrifice your heart for your art, because it’s only through something broken that something beautiful can grow.

Dark Jar Tin Zoo

Making love to me is amazing. Wait, I meant: making love, to me, is amazing. The absence of two little commas nearly transformed me into a sex god.

Sara Sheridan

Writing historical fiction has many common traits with writing sci-fi or fantasy books. The past is another country - a very different world - and historical readers want to see, smell and touch what it was like living there.

D. Antoinette Foy

My heart's scripture tastes
foreign in the mouths of
cowards and on the tongues of
those who have never breathed in
the moon and breathed out the world.

Sara Sheridan

I'm a novelist by trade and my job is to write a story rather than reconstruct actual events.

Nina Jean Slack

Writing has become more than just a profession, and hobby…it has become a way to express my feelings and pour my entire soul into the pages of my books. Thank God for the little things in life that makes us feel infinite and tranquil…the little things that make way for us to escape reality and enter new worlds that we create. -Nina Jean Slack

A.K. Kuykendall

He who writes is the martyr, seen through the eyes of the unsuspecting doll.

Tawny Lara

Sometimes you have to go a little crazy before you can find sanity. I think I'm close.

Tawny Lara

Tattoos are a permanent commitment of passion

D. Antoinette Foy

The core of your
true self
is never lost.
Let go of all the
pretending and
the becoming
you've done just
to belong.
Curl up with your
rawness and come home.
You don't have to
find yourself;
you just have to
let yourself in.

D. Antoinette Foy

The sky never falls with the rain.
It is never weighed down by all that
it carries. It takes all of its anchors
and turns them into stars.
Learn from this.

D. Antoinette Foy

What is the finding of love,
but a voice answering a voice?

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