Ellen J. Barrier Quotes

Ellen J. Barrier Quotes

Happiness is never found in materialistic things; it exists in things that cannot be physically possessed. Therefore, happiness is priceless. It can never be purchased. Love is happiness.

Sharing the same passionate love with another person, gives a feeling of being alive! The experience of something real, is unforgettable.

Love is Not a Game It Is 100% Commitment

A relationship has to be nourished with passion, and built upon the foundation of trust, to be one that last a lifetime.

Believe that you are the best at what you do. And work hard on your abilities, to make it true.

Faith is a process in action. It cannot exist without work.

Those who dream big, and work hard, can expect great success.

When we perform at our highest level of potential, we are content. Because we have given I best in what we enjoy doing.

Those who find themselves in the "You are going to miss my loving" section Without LOVE are the ones who abused their relationship by not appreciating the person who was giving them the love they no longer have.

Hope gives us reasons to live and pursue our dreams, expecting greater possibilities.

Hope gives us a reason to live and to make plans for our future. But common sense gives us knowledge that God has control over our life. Life is a journey. We hope and plan our future as we travel each day.

I Can’t Live without You.” expresses the full meaning of true love. It is a beautiful and powerful emotion, words can never express, nor can the mind comprehend its connection within two souls.

The things that challenge our trust in God also, challenge our confidence within ourselves.

The strength we find within ourselves gives us endurance and perseverance power.

Prayers are like the powerful sounds of trumpets. When God's people come together and pray, the walls that challenge progress will fall.

The friend that always finds time to spend with you without consulting his or her calendar is a true friend.

On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character.

No decent man would ever strike a woman or a child.

Beautiful toes are an addition to a woman’s appearance.

A woman should never have a need to fear the man who holds her in his arms; neither his hands that touches her.

Within the nature of every person is a desire to feel appreciated, to feel needed, and to be loved.

Love can remove fear and heal a broken heart, if it is allowed to enter.

Dreams can only become reality when they are sought after with the spirit of boldness.

Every generation has been given the same blueprint to follow for the good of society. When that blueprint is disregarded by parents and those in leadership positions, the chain is broken and the human race suffers.

Often times we allow ourselves to become impatient, by viewing God’s promises based on our human knowledge. Our thoughts and ways are irrelevant in his judgment to grant any of our requests. We need to have patience and trust in God for answers to our requests.

Living in the past, can only hold those who live there, as its prisoners.

Some injuries can only be cured by our creator. We can try to hide them but the pain is too deep. These are the moments in every human's life that we seek for a cure, when the pain becomes too much to bare.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, are the priceless treasures of life.

The things we share with each other are deeply felt from within our hearts that neither of us will ever forget. For the gifts that are priceless are the ones that are heartfelt; their roots are within our soul. They are the greatest gifts, of all.

The strength of a man is in his character. A strong man is great man of wisdom who understands, his top priority is to his family.

We are not defined by belief or by faith nor religion.We are the family of God.

Every path we take in life, we make the decision to pursue a dream. We travel the path of our dreams on a mental path of a narrow bridge; we must stay focused on our goal and not fear, lest we lose our balance of purpose and fall.

Everyone that steps on to the ladder of success must have hope. Without it, no one is able to reach the top.

A person does not have to be religious to reach the top of the Ladder of Success; but every one that step onto the Ladder of Success, must have hope.

When people come together and discuss their differences based on life issues that are shared, it brings about successful changes.

To experience the spirit of peace, one must have freedom.Neither can be obtained without the other.

We are not going to always agree with each other, but we should have the dignity to always respect each other’s freedom of speech and of choice. Democracy is practiced when we have respect for human rights.

Music is exciting and easy to enjoy, the rhythm and voice.
It does not need interpretation. That is why it is called the Universal Language.

Music Doesn’t Need Interpreters and Translators

Music is like medicine. It can bring relief to the aches and stressful situations that life brings. We live in a world of music. There is sound and rhythm everywhere we go!

Negative people offer no hope to the person who wants to pursue their goal. They are a hinder to positive thinking and plans for a brighter future.

Hanging with people who make you feel unappreciated, for the mere sake of appearing to be popular, is the loneliest place to be.

The character of good men and women encourage others to want to be better people.

Perfection is an everlasting goal to pursue. It reminds us that we are mortal beings capable of making mistakes. When we correct them, it gives us an opportunity to become better people.

Desire is inspired by motivation, which gives us hope to believe in ourselves that we can set goals and pursue them successfully.

Your true friend is the one who will never walk away in your time of need.
Regardless of the situation, time or location, your true friend will stand by you

A friend who will never fail is the one who will stand by you regardless of the situation, time or location.

Love is ageless and colorless. It is a spiritual force that binds two hearts and two souls together as one.

Neither a fake friend nor a liar can be trusted, with a secret.

True friends are placed together for the purpose of accomplishing great achievements that help others.

An awesome friend is everything.

I believe that parents who love their children do everything for them with love, even discipline.

When parents neglect their responsibility to correct and discipline their children society suffers. The results are crimes and harm committed against others.

When children are given spiritual guidance, they grow-up learning to know how to pray and praise God. Even though they might not be a religious person in their later years, those values they were taught are the things they remember in their times of need.

Money can buy some things to create happiness, but it can never buy happiness.

It is easy to smile in the face of a challenge, when we believe in ourselves that we won't back down.

Death is the Inevitable Price We Must Pay.

Gentlemen respect the rights of others. They are honorable men.

In regards to climbing the ladder of success, there is a better future, with a greater purpose. One can find it, only if he or she searches for it.

There is a better future, with a greater purpose. One can find it, only if he or she searches for it.

The intellectual mind judges a book after having read it.
A fool’s mind judges a book by its title.

Evil imaginations causes harm to others.
Such things do not dwell in the mind of a righteous person.

Books open and broaden our minds allowing us to challenge ourselves to become more than we are, by setting positive goals for ourselves, and overcoming doubts about our ability to receive the education we want to achieve.

If every book was judged by its cover, very few would be read; education would be limited, and fewer movies would be made.

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