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  • Distinctive Footprints Of Life: where are you heading towards?
  • The Untapped Wonderer In You: dare to do the undone
  • The Arduous Errand: a voyage across the ocean

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah Quotes

if you rest at work, you will work at rest

words acted upon win the admiration and confidence of the masses than words

The power of words is in the works of words. People are much more bonded by the works of words than words. The work of words is the trigger of words.

but by the conception of a little thought of idea, a great work would not have existed. When we live in a day without conceiving an idea, we waste the day. A day wasted is a debt incurred.

It is awesome to note that the works your work are working but that should not be a joy. The ultimate joy should be that the works of your work are indelible.

most times the best things people deserve from us is our silence.Speak through silence and it will be more powerful than harsh words

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