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Ernest Agyemang Yeboah is a Ghanaian born writer. His books depict the essence, reasons and realities of life. His mind empowering books written with a great sense of originality is for all persons of life.He is currently a teacher in Accra - Ghana,Writer and a CA student . He is the author of the must read 'distinctive footprints of life', 'the untapped wonderer in you'. He attended the Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong -Akuapim-Ghana and the University of Education, Winneba- Ghana.

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah Quotes

if you rest at work, you will work at rest

words acted upon win the admiration and confidence of the masses than words

The power of words is in the works of words. People are much more bonded by the works of words than words. The work of words is the trigger of words.

but by the conception of a little thought of idea, a great work would not have existed. When we live in a day without conceiving an idea, we waste the day. A day wasted is a debt incurred.

It is awesome to note that the works your work are working but that should not be a joy. The ultimate joy should be that the works of your work are indelible.

most times the best things people deserve from us is our silence.Speak through silence and it will be more powerful than harsh words

we are destroyed or uplifted by what they hear instantly or cumulatively

silence can be words but words cannot be silence

words make some unique ; words destroy some

you are trained for job but you are born to work.Exert then your energy in the right proportion on the most vital matters

There exist no new mistakes anywhere. The same mistakes people committed are the same mistakes people are committing and the same mistakes shall people commit

do something whilst others think you cannot do anything

when words make noise, silence can talk.

We may regard certain days as free days. Free days are however fee days. We will pay later

wisdom is great, but sometimes, those who think they are wiser than others can become the otherwise

What you have in hand may be of less essence to knowing and using what you have in hand

many people who think they know do not know what they know and only know what they do not know

we are all born educated, but we need education to be educated

education without inspiration is only a recipe for desperation

when you do great things, think as if you missed the mark by an inch; walk as if you are yet to face the greatest task; talk as if you are yet to have the best preparation for the momentous moment and dream as if you are fighting a battalion of tasks

to be right in the wrong direction may be wrong; what then is the wrong direction?

sometimes in your works, give people the opportunity to express their ignorance; then you prove the wrong with your works.

When people give you disappointment, don't worry; they are only showing you this- appointment. Just look and see.

the ultimate distance and the real difference between financial acquisition and financial disbursement if financial planning

When you are on a great mission, look simple;think and act complexly

don't worry when situations get bitter. A bitter situation is a better teacher. The greatest lessons in life cannot only be found in comfort but also in the uncomfortable situations of life

The value of the body is in the mind. when the mind sleeps or shifts to negativity, the value of the body depreciates

Do not worry when situations get bitter. A bitter situation is a better teacher. The greatest lessons in life can least be found in comfort and much more in uncomfortable situations of life.

so many sounds do come close to our ears each moment. What we allow into our mind and how we interpret what we listen to is what propels our thought and actions

The ultimate change one can ever seek for is a change in thought. A change in thought is a change in body

a recurring problem is a neglected solution.Ponder to wonder

the essence of life is embedded in time and timing. Many pilgrims of life will finish spending their time before they will come to the realization of the usefulness and essence of time and timing

pulling a great substance from a higher height whilst leaning on a slippery ground with the mentality of having the substance whilst standing is a thought of fantasy. You may only result in falling with the substance

the death of a purposeful person is not the death of purpose

he death of a purposeful person is not the death of purpose

A time past is an essence gone

when it seems like giving up, then it seems like rising up

it is not the oppositions a man face that determine his rise or fall in life but his tenacity to dare to soar and to pursue to higher heights

True greatness is not wealth but thought;through true thought, greatness and wealth is obtain

the greatest footprint one can ever leave on earth is the footprint of good deeds. Living to leave a great mark on the minds of people before leaving

death is a joyous journey for the purposeful life and a melancholy for the mediocre life

don't leave without living

In life, when one gets to the point of a deeper sense of understanding about himself and his purpose, he least explains himself much to people who fail to understand him and his purpose. That must not be interpreted as neither pride nor an uncaring attitude but a great respect for purposefulness

The, per second great thought investment will yield the best hourly harvest of great life.

a distinctive amount of a reasonable scarcity improves value greatly

A great measure of the real value of the things we have is how we feel when such things become scarce and absent in our lives

when I look at people fighting with ammunition and weapons of all kind I ponder within me;somehow as a cynic. Ammunition's and weapons are good for war; Yes,they are better necessities to winning battle but the best choice of weapons are neither ammunition nor the strength of a battalion of army but wisdom; a pen on a paper backed by a great mind

Though my eyes cannot see beyond what I can see, I can see beyond what I cannot see

There is non who is unfriendly, even the person we may regard as unfriendly has a friend. Our mind is the only limitation and barrier to people

you only talk to yourself when you pray without believing and having faith in your prayers

there exist a great parity between things inside books and things outside books. What are inside books, are not all that different from what are outside books

If you do not meet inspiring obstacles and failure, cry; you do not have the great path to explore, grow and mature to be great

time and attention is just like the check, you do not just issue them to anything or anybody at all

if you are to begin at the beginning of the end, do not wait till the end before you begin. Time and timing is an essential accoutrement in the journey of life.

pain reveals secretes.

whenever we stop doing something, we start doing anything

The greatest killer of purpose and a purposeful life is compromising on mediocrity

until we assign a time bound purposeful task to each day, each day we wake up would be regarded as a free day;free days are however fee days which we shall pay later

He who fears a positive purposeful change fears growth.

feeling shy is simply replacing courage with the feeling and fear of how others will perceive or what they will say about us after and act. Courage dares regardless

One thing that shapes our behavior knowingly or unknowingly is fear

fear is dangerous but fear is good

use fear; don't fear fear

the ultimate meaning of words cannot be found in what the listener hears but in what he listens to upon hearing

A book may be regarded as irrelevant until it's relevance, importance and purpose is discovered through reading

Reading is a choice. The will to do depends the reader. We may or may not do it but when we kill reading, we kill a purposeful mind. Reading a page of a purposeful book per day is not only a great medicine to the mind but also a powerful antidote to ignorance and mediocrity

you may always find good books to read but the best and the ultimate book to read is the Holy Bible

Books may be irrelevant until it's relevance, importance and purpose is discovered through reading

praying without having faith in and believing in what you pray for is just a simple act of soliloquizing

when we conceive an idea, we don't just look anymore but we see. People without a well defined vision look; men with a focused purpose look and they see.

no matter how useful the electricity may be, it needs connections to function

the vehicle depends upon its fuel to operate effectively

There is something great in whatever you look at. Many people look but few people see;to leave a distinctive footprint, do not just look but see for seeing will make you different

they that reject and disregard the unripe fruits are they that enjoy the ripe fruits

today's pain is yesterdays latent gain we did not take

one of the most painful things in life is to be considered as meaningless in an environment where you think you are truly meaningful

until we do what has not yet been done, what has not been done shall remain undone

so many people concentrate on looks, but the invisible is sacred

coincidence is not just only a road to facts but also a call to ponder

The fact that we see something as evil may not necessarily make that thing evil. Evil cannot contest good; succeed and persist

If you define your life by what you learn only, you will never leave a great footprints on earth. Your life must not only be defined by what you do with what you learn but also the great distinctive exploitations you make with the least things you learn.

each day's life comes with lot of puzzles, mysteries to unravel; being so conscious of life can make one so unconscious of life

To make wealth wisdom, one needs to be wise. Wisdom may be able to wear the suit of wealth but wealth may not be able to wear the suit of wisdom

Comparing ourselves instead of taking lessons from ourselves is not only a catalyst to diminishing our true purpose but also a great ingredient to thinking negative and staying in mediocrity

Where ignorance prevails, there an opportunity exists but the possessor of ignorance shall always be ignorant of opportunities

the source of a river is narrow. If you could jump over it in a twinkle of an eye at the source, be sure to ponder before you jump over it at its mid or its estuary.

my best may not be the best, but that is the best. The more I give out my best to people, the more they give out their worse, but that is also the best; for even Jesus Christ faced the worst.

my best may not be the best but that is the best.The more I give out my best to people, the more they give out their worse but that is the best for Jesus Christ faced the worst.

speak less about what you have done. think more about what you can do

I may not have all to be happy but I have to be happy with all that I have

we hear brilliant and great suggestions when failure comes our way

we hear the most brilliant ideas and suggestions we failure comes our way

the matured understands mistakes as a necessary growth path to maturity

the ultimate determinant of my life has got nothing to do with neither my past nor my present but my aspirations, my tenacity to dare and to do; to leave a great and an indelible positive footprints on earth

we may have a better reflection of ourselves in the mirror depending on how thick the opaque substance behind it is; the lighter the substance, the poorer the image; the thicker the substance,the better the image.

the greatest clue to changing people is to know and understand what trigger change in people and effectively apply such things in wisdom.

Life is a changing sequence of situations.If you do not change something, something will change you.

Change is the mother of growth and maturity.

the lack of money is the ruler of purpose where mediocrity is the king of the mind

until we courageously find a cheaper antidote to our ignorance, we shall always pay a higher price for our ignorance courageously.

if people do not understand you outrightly, do not worry; understand people outrightly and act with wisdom, courage and understanding

Being genius does not necessarily mean knowing it all or having the highest academic qualification; but a persons ability to apply wisdom and common sense to common things in a distinctive manner and courageously, exhibiting the latent deft to the admiration of the masses

Until we see the 'this- advantage' in the disadvantage we shall always be looking at the disadvantages in life. life does not present us with disadvantages, it gives us 'this- advantages' to take. It is only because of excuses and low courage that we regard 'this advantages' as disadvantages

Love and hatred are intertwined in life. They agree to disagree and they disagree to agree. When one is absent the other may become present. In what we hate most lay what we love most and in what we love most lay what we hate most

Most times, the best thing people deserve from us is our silence.speak through silence and it will be more powerful than harsh words

nothing has been all that perfect; but within the imperfect situations do we find the perfect solutions

A clear line of distinctness must be drawn between the environment of the body and the environment of the mind or both the body and the mind be regarded as intertwined and be deprived of strength and efficiency. When the body is in crises, the mind must not be and when the mind is in crises, the body must not be. Such is tenacity and nimbleness

we may experience an absolute positive change and do the undone if we shift our thoughts from descriptive thinking to prescriptive thinking

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