J.M. Colail Quotes

J.M. Colail Quotes

Hi honey, I’m home! Take your pants off!” Wesley announced. He kissed my cheek as he passed me and put his lunch container in the sink.

Did I use enough lube last night?”

I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes with blushing
cheeks. “Don’t…don’t call it that.”

“What? Lube?” he asked. I nodded and covered my mouth with my
hand. He chuckled and smirked. “All right, did I use enough stuff last


He unbuckled his belt
and pulled off his blue jeans and boxers. I guess I had forgotten his
actual size and I blushed at the sight of him. This was gonna hurt.

Good luck on your test.”

“I’m gonna ace it for sure!” I said, rolling to Wesley’s side of the
bed and pulling the sheet up.

“Don’t I know it,” he smiled, and then slapped the doorframe. “Oh
yeah. If Gus calls, just tell him I was balls-deep in your ass and that I’m
on my way now.

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