J. Richard Singleton Quotes

J. Richard Singleton Quotes

If you could talk to God, He wouldn't be God.

Life.... It's better than the alternative.

You can't make a woman love you. Not even with duct tape.

No man wants his daughter to be the kind of girl whom he liked in high school.

You have to think if we've been visited by extraterrestrial life, it was like a zookeeper walking into the chimp enclosure: He looks around, takes some pictures, then leaves without interacting significantly with the environment. Meanwhile the chimps have no idea what the fuck just happened.

Later film shoots’ casting calls would advertise that they’re “fun shoots” and a “good way to get exposure” - but working in entertainment is not entertaining, even though it is not what’s traditionally thought of as “work.” You know what’s fun, indie filmmakers? Being paid for your time.

The difference between extras and audience members is that audience members don’t get chairs. Audience members are the daylaborers of the industry. When it's sunny, we stand in the sun. When it’s cold, we stand in the cold.

I guess we all travel through life in a haze of sorts. A fog. The people we only meet in the fog we allow ourselves to lose because it’s not our fault. It’s the fog’s. The people we latch onto - they become our friends. It was my friendship with Ethan that took me out of the fog.

I try not to let other people's problems problem me.

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