James Rozoff Quotes

James Rozoff Quotes

True ideas seem to suffer from repetition, while stupid ones tend to flourish.

As time and space are bent by gravity, so too is truth bent by power.

Facts, like living things, have a value in and of themselves and demand respect. Yet some people use them as means to an end, and dismiss them as soon as they are done using them.

A thousand truths can be assembled in such a way as to create a colossal lie.

It is wisdom to know who you are, but not to the point of excluding who you might become.

Death is the night sky, the background against which the fleeting fireworks of life are displayed, an empty stage upon which the drama of life is played.

Science is the process of obscuring the marvelous with explanations.

Perhaps religion provides the justification for wars, but science provides the weapons.

Good enough may be an acceptable end, but it should never be an acceptable goal.

The intellect seeks to throw its own interpretation of the real over reality, and in so doing carves the world up into artificial little cubes.

People perceive the divine according to their own biases. That doesn’t make the experience any less real.

Never in mankind’s history have we so fundamentally changed our means of existence with so little thought.

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