Jen Wylie Quotes

Jen Wylie Quotes

I see it everywhere.

I spread my arms. “In the Rainbow Jungles of Ever there lives what I affectionately call, killer ducks.

He smiled weakly. “You are the only woman I have ever met who made me think so much.”
She laughed. “That doesn’t say much for you.

You have this annoying ability to say the perfect thing and then ruin it by still talking.

He promised he'd never leave me. That we'd be friends forever."
"He was foolish to promise such things,

She wondered what it sounded like when your heart broke. Glass shattering? The thundering roar of falling mountains? Or maybe the squishy rip of a real heart?

In friendship I shall bind my heart and soul to yours. Forever beside you I shall stand. Together or apart always will I be with you. Eternal friends we shall ever be.

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