Jenny Trout Quotes

Jenny Trout Quotes

Well, I always did want to go out in a Braveheart kind of way. I'll just have to think of something cool to yell before they cut my head off.

I'd never been a good damsel in distress. I was a "hands-on" damsel.

Really, it's amazing. You are his other half, Alexandria, You are fated to be with him. You belong to him."

It felt like something sat heavy on my chest. "Oh.Oh.No."

Seth frowned at me. "You don't have to sound so disgusted.

I have to go. I have a finite amount of life left and I don't want to spend it arguing with you.

I couldn't take much more of this. Being the object two men competed for wasn't as glamorous as it sounded in the movies. The two men who both wanted one hundred percent of my time weren't dashing, international playboys. They were undead and surprisingly immature, considering the youngest was just over a hundred years old.

I am sorry the only outlet for her troubled mind was in clumsy foreplay with an inadequate partner."

He threw the rest of her sandwich at the swinging door as she passed through it.

Can I have a glass of water?" Her voice was hoarse, probably from screaming. She'd always sounded like that after they'd-

He didn't just force the thought aside. He clubbed it unconscious, threw it into a crawl space and walled it up alive.

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