Latif Mercado Quotes

Latif Mercado Quotes

Never Let The Roosters Wake You!

You Don't Have To Be A Crook To Be Successful!

You Can't Change Your Life... Until You Change Your Heart, and You Can't Change Your Heart... Until You Change Your Mind!

It's Easy To Feel Like A Big Fish, When Your Pond is Just A Puddle!

To Me, The Best Part Of Success, Is The Journey!

You Can't Be A Hero To The World, If Your Aren't First A Hero In Your Home!

Don't Rush Up The Stairs, you Just Might Fall. Take it One Step At A Time!

A Decision That Can Change Your Life Forever, Can Happen In Just One Second.

Failures Are The Cornerstones Of Success!

Thank God For Writing, As Now I Can Work Until My Last Breath!

Attitude Is More Important Than Talent!

The Best Deal Is The One Where Everyone Walks Away Happy!

I Don't Waste My Time Doing Crosswords, As My Life Is The Only Puzzle I Care To Resolve!

You Can't Replace A Star with A Lightbulb

My Friends I Will Always Remember, And My Enemies I Will Never Forget!

My Name Is Latif Mercado, And I Am... A Workaholic!

The Only Person I'm Prejudice Against, is The Lazy One!

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