Lity Munshi Quotes

Lity Munshi Quotes

silence between two words is an endless road.

sometimes mind speaks many things at same time.

without deep pain, pen does not bleed to write.

by experiences ,we become whole world in and out side as living being.

people says loneliness is ugly.i feel it is most productive as much as our career build . to cultivate the other world inside - some way it shows the lessons.

I am much more
when you are there

for happiness we learn to live in love.for love we have to give everything and take second birth in it.

Let it be stay all in this place.who knows me? No one.when the day i will stop walking on this earth these words will speak to all of you.and i will remain here .

see the truth.feel the and adore it completely .

happiness can be momentum and eternal both by it's size of value to be presence in our life.

hope is an open window .see in to it will find light is still coming before the black dark shade .

at last . you arrived .

how much knowledge,wealth,or power we acquire- exact use of those if we do not know-it will go back to nature

access to an effective educational system to each woman is necessary

in the process of beginning to the end we end we are ready for another.can't wait to continue growing.

those lines on her forehead with a lovely eyes can tale you how much she was a fighter and later on a dreamer for her.

inspiration is traditional word in new born in new age

the life that goes out of love and care -its a disaster .

relationship between two ,man-woman only can be justify by them.if its not working -fine, and respect that.

faith is vision ,not a fear

each religion force us to be cruel on others faith .teaches us one is better than other.

conversion of soul a conversion in to SUPREME ENTITY. simple conversion by faith is temporary.because faith change it's way when not fulfilled

failure is an why it bother us?because other will laugh at us.why?because its my lose and their happiness

life presents a success with two alternative road .either go ahead or stop there with the present.

no one will give you their secret plan of is you-who invent a new one and keep secret for your success.

do not count by one step out successfully ,.that's the job I need to do.

personal intelligence is the way of ability to express oneself.

moments will test can not run away.time is faster than you.before you can do something situation already took your test.there is no escape face moment and its results.

so I am correct.better to be in simple rejection for time,then collect yourself and start again

i forgot to look after that time what passes me and never said 'goodbye'' to i don't find them.

nothing will wait for anyone.stand by and asking for what you need that will never can catch you,because it has speed,you are still

night never gets tired.its wait for perfect moment and the partner who will see stars and leave a note to come back again.

i used to talk hours with photograph.may be he thought i am out of love we never was apart.while he took all my privacy-i came back to old road,now i talk to him in my mind and memories.

if you hold time, time will not hold will give you ' distance

if you truly feeling this moment is yours- do something !you are missing it ! see-!you missed it.

I don't have time for all these- madam''-i said.

whenever I heard her voice,i feel as morning of a day at any time in 24 hours.

time becomes a guardian while we lost path in middle path of our journey for being with others

each day leave something to learn .

is it a sin if her heart run to the person like magnet and she lost her senses to be loved by him whole life,apart from there is no chances. she lives ,but more die thousand times in a day.nothing will be anymore so meaningful as before .she is nothing without him,she is learning to be get out of dreamland.but there is no door and outside is dark.

beyond kitchen,bedroom,or raising kids-the name of a woman today is the process of balancing of outer and inner society.

being woman is natural realizing being womanhood is empowerment to this nature .

innovative but less chance to disclose their innovation, kill the possibility of best discovery .

solo -but enjoying to be a part of constructive economical process
solo but respectable as woman on Earth .

access to effective education for each woman.

man combine the ideas of creation come through women.thay give shape of a creation.

fear is not event.
it is
way to delete it by drawing
another long line beside it and cross

jealousy is hate- fear relate.

fight with fear- can possible by passing through it with courage.

easily we make fun of any institution,while forget its need courage to digest those funny words sitting on that chair.

I was broken .but nature is kind enough that I had courage to look in to his eyes.

we grow up by nature rule,while we grow up by inner soul through what life want's from us

when our heart get connected with mind at same frequency-it is mind who listen and decide for heart .

I am fine until chest . deep inside the heart is not so pleasant

if your heart is pure and pure and pure-its light will spread everywhere

past could beat in my heart as another heart- if had loved me and let me love it.

actually life is fine is fun when we make it as serious art.we don't get color to color it.

poetry is when a natural melancholy what keep singing a melody

spirituality or philosophy ?which one lead us to the answers?it is -our soul-what is leading us

one can not run away from true feelings.

emotions are important.

when your visible pain-is another's pleasure, keep a distance to share .

no water can be touched like pain of pearl-if you touched one drop of tear

if I am her life, she is my peace .

absolute peace can't be find out of living is within it .

my loved one-
this is war where you are
alone fighting to be with your
love .I feel this is most difficult
when there is no reply
though you are standing on war field
just to be with your love.
don't worry-there will be no war anymore
your waiting itself is winner.

it is that another time
where we born original
together in love.

growth came during death
life became larger than ever
time became smaller

education never dies .

there a little light
there is a cloud maximum
can't see the true picture
through the shadow.

leadership is to lead your own self
more than lead themselves .

I was broken,but nature is kind enough that I had courage to look in her eyes

never forgive if you are not ready.
overpower yourself and get back larger
than those who hurt you.

speak your mind
once you start-
nothing can dominate you
at their mental slavery

once compromised- people expect it as endless.

developing skills can define a person's confidence about decision making process.

breaks the cycle of bad decision making

influence an event by bad news is much more quick when it is out of any possibilities

time passed.once acted as lost every relationship.still he believe-as if he is god for everybody.

go . and live .as you live you will feel complete .

psychology of a woman depends on circumstances by which she is treating under care and love

if you want to be alive - invent yourself every moment

we makes the rules.we must change or cross out of it and set something new to do big than before.

why we need to be strong?because we have to fight.with whom?people?nature?or within us?

actually people makes people life's terrible,no one else

people are not separate from their stories .people and living by any style gives birth of stories

people who deny others existence ,they are much bother about others strong existence

keep something surprising always at your personal collection- that people will die to know about

your invisible will power is your connection with your self-consciousness

when I feel there is a bigger power than me in universe,it gives me strength that I have to achieve that power.this is not end.i have to go somewhere.

power must be use at multi- dimensional way.

once having power -always scared to lose it

the day i discover who and what i am - i became free

all does not need to count billions,just count basic home and life need for you and your family .

i am like no one to anyone since i am in love with you

in this love story I am the only part who is in fire and deep throat water.i am the game ,I am the player.loss is my pain ,gain is my smile.i am the only one who giving a kiss or a hug- but still I am in love.i do not know about him.

I born again in the prison of artificial love by true love of life.i am feeling the difference between both dead and alive.

many things unspoken. whisper of words touches your hand and come back to me to tell the journey to reach you.

I wonder if I could get back all I wanted to have .condition is you will be with me here,there, everywhere .

we are our story .
we both wanted us .
we both loved.
we both create our generation to continue.
we both die .we come back -
for both of us,
again to ask for each other .

by each falling unknown
her love was leaving her soul
at least she knew this.
seasons don't stay for all
leaving part stopped someday.
she didn't new welcome
through her new makeover
a soul-that took new birth in someone's
unconditional love.

love do not have a limit
it is beyond of our

you may come across many
whom you thought you loved
but those were crossing roads
so you passed.true love will
walk with you.

there is meaning between rain and summer.people who got taste of love after being in summer without it's rain soft water

have a dream
of your first touch-
want to see my own reaction
when it will happen
waiting ..

they have no idea
love can not be
measured who hate to
love and refuse it.

being in love with him is all the answer I had to get from life.

people says love can not buy.
what if it stolen and found?
I know with whom it is-want to take
it back at exchange of his.
he refused.told me-he does not want to
sale his lost and found treasure.
I keep silence.came back with his heart with me.

have enough courage to back off for the safety of your loved one if you are a threat

you know me better than i know you.

we have many unusual relationships in our life which are not to define.

when you are inspired by someone else and gives the credit to another your close personality - it's hurt that person who just want to look at you and gave her time to you,just to be a part of your life.

why to follow the rules that night for sleep?i find most attractive and treasure land.

this is where my heart is

how i do my duty?to make others happy.then where i am doing for my need ?duty comes to myself first then i can do for others

may be many love letters are there-but your love notes has no second example to me.

home is the isolation within the society from the society

if there are no women around,men will be like unknown animal.

keeping covered increase the attraction to it more.fate has always something hidden in to future

our mind is best road when our consciousness is the traveler .

noise is as much as a crowd.silent noise- that is killing crowd in mind of any person

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