Build Quotes

Mike Basevic

Any action is good action; do what you can from where you are and build off of that action each day.

Lity Munshi

people says loneliness is ugly.i feel it is most productive as much as our career build . to cultivate the other world inside - some way it shows the lessons.

Marvin J. Ashton

Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.

Anthony Liccione

Go to God with your coal, and He will set them to blazing fire.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

Be confidently assured that any ‘gods’ that we build will always have veracious appetites, and sooner or later they will gorge themselves on that which built them.

Raquel Cepeda

Individually, every grain of sand brushing against my hands represents a story, an experience, and a block for me to build upon for the next generation.

Dave Eggers

He must trust, and he must have faith. And so he builds, because what is building, and rebuilding and rebuilding again, but an act of faith?

Ryan Lilly

Not only should we encourage kids to daydream, but also to jump-in and build those dreams. Dreaming is largely lost among adults drowning in self-imposed realities.

Khalid Masood

How can I escape a cage build by time.

Khalid Masood

Give me time and I will build a universe out of it.

Khalid Masood

Give me a moment of time and I will build a universe out of it.

Elizabeth George

Each time you turn your life issues over to God and allow Him to lead, you build trust in Him.

Amit Kalantri

God gave us ground we created a city, God gave us time we need to create a future.

Amit Kalantri

A man can build a home but it needs a woman to run a home.

V.C. Andrews

And when I fall in love,” I began, "I will build a mountain to touch the sky. Then, my lover and I will have the best of both worlds, reality firmly under our feet, while we have our heads in the clouds with all our illusions still intact. And the purple grass will grow all around, high enough to reach our eyes.

Moffat Machingura

The truth feels like it hurts, yet actually it builds. A lie feels like it builds, yet actually it hurts.

Anthony Liccione

Victory, is like a boxer that hangs his gloves, after the consecutive losses; sometimes walking away is what builds character, than the actual fight. As humble fruit on a tree that falls to the ground and rots, never finding appreciation in the taste of mouths.

Amit Kalantri

His music gave no lesser joy than a vacation. Creativity in his music and its success stood out as an example to all kinds of artists, in the lectures of business speakers, engineers, and to anyone who built or constructed something in their respective profession.

Bryant McGill

Start deep within yourself and slowly build outward toward your goal.

Kishore Bansal

Build strong foundation under your dreams.

Muhammad Imran Hasan

Be Like Lightning Which Has The Power To Animate Or Destroy Life.... It's Up To You Which Side You Wanna Take....

Anthony Liccione

God may not give that instant dollar bill your seeking, but it's in the little change He brings, that will add to a dollar.

Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

If you don't build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.

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