Mercedes Lackey Quotes

Mercedes Lackey Quotes

To treat a person like a carpet, it is necessary that one do the walking, and one allow himself to be walked on.
-Shin'a'in saying

Fanatics can justify practically any atrocity to themselves. The more untenable their position becomes, the harder they hold to it, and the worse the things they are willing to do to support it.

If they projected the fact that they are dangerous any harder, there would be little puddles of "danger" on the floor around them. Look, it's "danger", don't step in it!

Give your enemy a face, If he is human, do not dehumanize him. Know him and know why he is your enemy. If your enemy is within you, understand what it is and why you are afraid. Put a face on your fear. When you understand it, and it is no longer vague and shapeless, you will find that your fear is no longer so formidable.

How could we have been afraid of her? She was only dead. It’s the living we fear.

She would never truly be her own woman if she allowed fear and old memories to dictate where she would or would not go.

This I think I have learned: where there is love, the form does not matter, and the gods are pleased. This I have observed: what occurs in nature, comes by the hand of nature, and if the gods did not approve, it would not be there
~ Moondance k'Treva (Magic's Pawn)

In a calm, clear voice, she suggested that the wyrsa in question could do several highly improbable, athletically difficult and possibly biologically impractical things involving its own mother, a few household implements, and a dead fish.

Some must be warriors, that others may live in peace.

The freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose.

Truth and trust are the means by which civilization holds off barbarism.

Keth, power brings with it the need to make moral judgments; history proves that. You have no choice but to make those decisions.

I think I know why you never married, Sarah."
"Well, and I reckoned if I wanted something that'd come and go as he pleased, take me for granted, and ignore me when he chose, I'd get a cat. And if I wanted something I'd always have to be picking up after, getting into trouble, but slavishly devoted,
I'd get a dog.

I have no place in my life for someone who is sure he can do everything.

Teach what you know, regardless of when you have learned it - teach what you learned yesterday sagely, as if you have known it all your life, and teach what you have known for decades with enthusiasm, as if you learned it only yesterday.

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