Mikhail Bulgakov Quotes

Mikhail Bulgakov Quotes

Everything will turn out right, the world is built on that.

Follow me, reader! Who told you that there is no true, faithful, eternal love in this world! May the liar's vile tongue be cut out! Follow me, my reader, and me alone, and I will show you such a love!

But what can be done, the one who loves must share the fate of the one he loves.

- Вы были женаты?
- Ну да, вот же я и щёлкаю… На этой... Вареньке, Манечке… нет, Вареньке…

Margarita was never short of money. She could buy whatever she liked. Her husband had plenty of interesting friends. Margarita never had to cook. Margarita knew nothing of the horrors of living in a shared flat. In short... was she happy? Not for a moment.

The whole horror of the situation is that he now has a human heart, not a dog's heart. And about the rottenest heart in all creation!

Cowardice is the most terrible of vices.

A dog's spirit dies hard.

You should never ask anyone for anything. Never- and especially from those who are more powerful than yourself.

Dar cine iubeşte e dator să împărtăşească destinul fiinţei iubite.

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