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Type: Singer, songwriter and author

Born: 22 May 1959 (age 57)


Steven Patrick Morrissey professionally known only as Morrissey, is an English singer, songwriter and author. He rose to prominence as the lead singer of the indie rock band The Smiths, which was active from 1982 to 1987. Since then, Morrissey has had a solo career, making the top ten of the UK Singles Chart on ten occasions.

Morrissey Quotes

I can chase you, and I can catch you,
but there is nothing I can do to make you mine.

To me you are a work of art, and I would give you my heart - that's if I had one.

Tried living in the real world instead of a shell, but I was bored before I even began.

Disappointment came to me,
and booted me,
and bruised and hurt me,
but that's how people grow up.

Don't leave it all unsaid,
somewhere in the wasteland of your head.

You're not right in the head, and nor am I, and this is why....this is why I like you.

I still don't belong to anyone - I am mine.

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me.
No hope, no harm; just another false alarm

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour, but heaven knows I'm miserable now.

It begins in the heart...and it hurts when it's true.
It only hurts because it's true.

How can anybody say they know how I feel? The only one around here who is me, is ME.

Now this might disturb you, but I find I'm OK by myself;
and I don't need you or your benevolence to make sense.

I was wasting my time, praying for love.
For a love that never comes, from someone who does not exist.

The heart has a heart of its own.

Sing your life; any fool can think of words that rhyme.

There's so much destruction all over the world - and all you can do is complain about ME!

I see the world, it makes me puke,
But then I look at you and know,
that somewhere there's a someone who can soothe me.

I know by now you think I should have straightened myself out - Thank you, drop dead!

I'm tired again, I've tried again, and now my heart is full.
And I just can't I won't even try to.

And make no mistake, my friend, your pointless life will end; but before you go, can you look at the truth?

God, come down, if you're really there -
Well, you're the one who claims to care!

With no reason to hide these words I feel, and no reason to talk about the books I read, but still, I do.

I hate most people. And I don’t want to, it’s an awful way to be. But the human race gives me no comfort. I find myself turning to books and films for comfort still. It’s repulsive, because one’s life consists of people, not things.

I am human and I need to be loved,
just like everybody else does.

Rejection is one thing - but rejection from a fool is cruel.

Oh, I can't help quoting you, because everything that you said rings true.

Can you squeeze me
into an empty page of your diary
and psychologically save me?

I'd love to...but only with you.

I don't mind if you forget me.
Having learned my lesson,
I never left an impression on anyone.

I am hated for loving.
I am haunted for wanting.

The more you ignore me, the closer I get; you're wasting your time.

Close your eyes, and think of someone you physically admire, and let me kiss you.

Again, I lay awake, and I cried because of waste.

With the world's fate resting on your shoulder - you're gonna need someone on your side.
You can't do it by yourself any longer - you're gonna need someone on your side.

My love, wherever you are - whatever you are - don't lose faith. I know it's gonna happen someday to you.

It's so shameful of me: I like you.

You don't like me, but you love me; either way, you're wrong.

I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.

Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed D.J.
Because the music that they constantly play
It says nothing to me about my life

You made me feel less alone;
you made me feel not quite so
deformed, uninformed and hunchbacked.

I was wasting my life, always thinking about myself.

Because you wear a uniform, a smelly uniform...and so you think you can be rude to me.

These tears I'm wailing,
I spill not without reason.
Remove them, my dearest love.
Take me to the place I've been dreaming of,
where the grotesquely lonely
meet the grotesquely lonely
and they whisper,
just very softly,
Please be mine, Dearest Love.

This world, I am afraid, is designed for crashing bores.

I have forgiven Jesus for all of the love he placed in me, when there's no one I can turn to with this love.

There are more than enough
to fight and oppose;
why waste good time
fighting the people you like?

There are some bad people on the rise;
they're saving their own skins by ruining people's lives.

There's a club, if you'd like to go
You could meet somebody who really loves you.'
So you go, and you stand on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home, and you cry
And you want to die.

Even now - in the final hour of my life -
I'm falling in love again.

You say: 'Oh, please forgive'
You say: 'Oh, live and let live.'
But sorry doesn't help us.
Sorry will not save us.
Sorry is just a word you find so easy to say (so you say it anyway).

Sorry doesn't help us.
Sorry won't protect us.
Sorry won't undo all the good gone wrong.

I used to dream, and I used to vow;
I wouldn't dream of it now.

Even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you.
Even I, sick and depraved, a traveler to the grave, I would never be you.

Satan rejected my soul; as low as he goes,
he never quite goes this low.

When you sleep
I will creep
Into your thoughts
Like a bad debt
That you can't pay
Take the easy way
and give in!

Hold on to your friends.
Resist - or move on
Be mad, be rash
Smoke and explode
Sell all of your clothes
Just bear in mind:
There just might come a time
When you need some friends

They said they respect me, which means, their judgment is crazy.

Life is a pigsty.

We hate it when our friends become successful.

And look around ...can you blame us?!

Rush to danger; wind up nowhere.

Diazapam (that's valium), temazepam, lithium, ECT, HRT - how long must I stay on this stuff? Don't give me anymore!

Why don't you find out for yourself?
Then you'll see the glass, hidden in the grass.

Some girls are bigger than others.

Lou Reed is unimpressed by applause, and lives a life detached from custom. His stare is cold and his romanticism is brutal. His songs are half-sung melodies of menace. He might drop dead any second, and is therefore the real thing. Examined ravenously like a museum exhibit, Lou Reed is evidently spiked to excess, and strangely loveable.

Nothing fortified me, and simple loneliness all but destroyed me, yet I felt swamped by the belief that life must mean something- otherwise why was it there? Why was anything anything?

And what do YOU like in life?' [the priest] asks me, ready to play the patronising game at my expense in order to raise a giggle from the rest of the class, thus rendering him popular for a few perverse minutes. 'Mott The Hoople,' I answer truthfully.

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