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Type: Poet

Born: March 15, 1981


Munia Khan was born on a spring night of 15th March in the year 1981. She enjoys her journey to the literary world. Most of her works are poems of different genres.

Munia Khan Quotes

My pen beats faster as I write with my heart

Learn how to learn before you learn; then learn to love before you love

A chronic poet should always be an inveterate nature-lover.

The world of light and starry grace;
within your mind I live to trace.
Your thought’s speed in thunder’s glory,
lightening my being with dream’s story.
I embrace the tree carrying your name
Your unspoken wish : the heart of fame.

Set your peace free
before your caged mind catches
you again in another dream trap
where you may loathe to be your own menace
awaiting in hope of a war-less world !

You cannot change any world unless you become a vital part of the changing.

Only the writers can change or fix the past by going back to edit old works

A writer leads a hyphenated-life with words

Words know how to suffocate lies to exhale the truth.

If we are the trees, words are our roots; and we grow as we write

The most disturbing sound in the world comes from the alarm clock at 5:30am

My pond life with hydra is over; now I’m into the ocean world of poetry to dive deeper..

Slogans seem to be dead; this world is now busy chanting fears of lost democracy

A moment’s beginning ends in a moment

Loneliness is not the enemy of your joy
as long as you know how you should always destroy
the pensive mood that remains with you like a friend
who never stands up for you when you’re forced to bend

It’s not really outstanding when you’re standing out
Outcry is the only outburst,if you can’t shout

When reality hurts, make sure to soar above the dream-stained sky!

Faith is the only belief which remains alive between heaven and hell.

Laugh until you cry;
never let your eyes look dry
This is not a matter of joke;
this is all to provoke
our sense of humour
Life is its own consumer!

You can learn things from a heart so bleeding
When love bargains with deceitful pleading
Hours soar from dawn to dawn splitting your time
Don’t hear melody from a soundless chime

My mind has a time machine; it can travel back to the past when I close my eyes and in my dreams it travels to the future.

If "Frailty, thy name is woman", Frailty must be a man named as 'woman

Fear no more as long as her memory surrounds you like a ghost…cry no more as long as she weeps for you like a willow.

Sometimes it is easier to feel the veins wilted and empty than to sense the coldness of blood in fear

The colour of fear is never dark or black; it has the colour of thunderbolt; usually white, but can appear in different hues depending on how the fear travels through to get inside your heart

The amazing feeling of being alive beautifully conquers the fear of death

Politics is clueless; I can claim -"I am a politician" only because I am not.

Our politicians always show lame excuse to defend their cripple decisions.

Politicians are the sole cause of our incurable social eczema

You don’t need a sad soul
to feel the beauty of a dead grave
Just stay with the pale moon
when darkness wants the night to be brave

The moon can never breathe, but it can take our breath away with the beauty of its cold, arid orb.

Every mind should reflect to touch the green of life through trees.

If you rescue me from my pipe dreams, I'll stop smoking fantasies.

Today is a fantasy for tomorrow has gone and yesterday is here!

Every heart needs a cutting part sharper than a blade to stab agony

You cannot taste a song
but you can feel the tune relishing your heart
where strings of music belong.

Your eyes need to be opened wider than your heart, when love is blinder than your eyes.

If lighthouse becomes a burning candle,
flickered upon ocean's insanity.
Your sailing heart there anchors to handle
the obsessed breeze towards sand dune's vanity.

I want to be a guileless rook to discolor the blackness of all crafty human hearts

Smoke the weed of your own heart to fly higher

Wisemen's minds and hearts live together under the same roof of wisdom

Pain pumps blood when heart dies

Without ‘love’ your ‘heart’ can never remind you of your life..

Another side of my heart is called pain: ever pumping!

...before the dawn I leave the night behind me
and before my heart I let you leave me behind.

- from the poem 'Behind

all hopes there, so close to each other,
are pulled into the void every night;
when a band of pale twinkles milking the way
across the divine breadth of sky
where every heart belongs.
- From the poem "The Universe In Blossom

It is always the soul and brain that really matters; never the heart or mind.

A heartful mind can always see better than mindless eyes

Dreamers must dream on
as long as the nightmare wakes them up
to greet with a bucketful of reality

In my reality all the mosquitoes are vampires and all fireflies are dragons.

Blood is everywhere..
Vultures take shelter beneath the tanks;
for the fumed sky is unsafe for their avian flight to prey on the Palestinian flesh.

Let us change a letter
from the word ‘EVIL’
Make it 'Ivil'
as long as 'Israel' remains so…
Let us protect the letter ‘P’
for Prayers..
for Peace..

That’s not me.That’s my duality!

Some pain has no relief,it can only be sealed
You can grasp the wound to feel the scar unhealed.

Only tears can hear the sound of pain
when warm blood reddens discolored stain

Each tear longs to kiss sorrow

There are various wounds to describe our hurts;the deepest one is the most painful.

Tears are my joy to hide my pain;
like thunder hides the sound of rain.

Weep hard as much as you need; but do not let your tears pursue the sorrow for the rest of your life.

Human pigeons there the dancers
Gunfighters: metal-romancers
This war needs no necromancer
Iron shells its spell-commencer
Journalists, writers: freelancer
Donate words as ‘peace enhancer’
Where’s the question when war’s the answer?
Mortality now life’s financer!

From the poem- "For Them" By Munia Khan

Every dream is the beginning of a new life in your thoughts..

Dream’s elixir veered between light and clouds to save the blue..

Don’t let your dreams be forsaken by the starry nights

My pillows are dreaming, not me.With my eyes closed I only try to feel how they dream.

Protect your dreams from your nightmare

My tears of joy
hear the raindrops crying,
as the rain never wants to pour
down on my cloudy days
when I make
our love-dreams
for the sun to dream
only for you....

(From the poem "Only For You" By Munia Khan)

Without dreams ‘life’remains ‘life’..always: neither better nor worse.

Sleep is my only ally united by a dream treaty

In my dreams I am sleeping
I am sleeping in my dreams
I wish to dream in my sleep
Just wish to dream in my sleep.

Life’s contentment is like an abstract edifice with a domed ceiling of insanity

The wind and sky know that there is no joy in unlimited freedom

Life is the music of your soul; all you need to do is to listen hard

Sometimes the people we love make us hate some other people we love.

Ocean separates lands, not souls..

Your love is not really love until you waste it, a kiss is never a kiss until you taste it..

We all belong to the holiness of our eternal soul.

Wrap your mind around my thoughts as I wrap my soul around your heart.

Plenty of foods inside my stomach.Soul is empty.

I feel like a real dead one: having neither blood to bleed nor any flesh or bone to feel the scars; yet I want to hold on to my spirit.

The taste of love is always amazing; even when it’s bitter

We should not fail to hide our love for the one who fails to hide hatred

Every joy is like a piece of mirror: always reflecting..

Wolves fail to hide their integrity just like the way men fail to hide their own animality.

One of my greatest failures:
I was trying to cut a piece of moment so that I could erase it.
One of my greatest achievements:
I have learnt to ignore my futureless past.

When you become a raindrop in your mind
Thunder is the closest friend you may find
Wind lashed trees, dark clouds, lightning or the dust
Everything you will bear once you adjust

I’ve learnt to gather simplicity from grasshoppers. I like their naive indecisive minds never knowing exactly when to stop chirping, and I envy their ability to be able to mingle with the green…

The light within us can always identify our mind’s darkness

Aren't we all homeless without a home inside our mind?

Sometimes an unimaginative mind can imagine the most unimaginable

Mind hates to seep in delusion soaking faintly discolored obsession.

A mind can bleed a heart to death.

I cannot squeeze the stars; but I can squeeze my mind to feel the moon compressed.

My eyes in tears
Heart never sighs
My mind never fears
I conquer the lies

It’s been raining outside and I feel like a sad saint, hating Satan’s pissing on the roof.

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