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Cameron Conaway

Stories do not change, only the lives they live in do.

Sanhita Baruah

I, sometimes, fear that probably I'll just keep changing cities, and may be someday I'll also
I, sometimes, fear that probably I'll just keep changing cities, and may be someday I'll also travel the world, but never find another soul who thinks exactly the way I do.

Munia Khan

You cannot change any world unless you become a vital part of the changing.

Daniel Willey

The world is a place of constant change. If we are open and ready to consider everything while remaining unbiased, we will be ready to accept these changes and utilize them to improve our lives.

Michael Bassey Johnson

The world is changing rapidly, and everyone changes along with the world. Discoveries is now becoming rampant; intellectually, technologically,etc, each having its advantage and disadvantage.

Charlotte Eriksson

You read and write and sing and experience, thinking that one day these things will build the character you admire to live as. You love and lose and bleed best you can, to the extreme, hoping that one day the world will read you like the poem you want to be.

Isabella Poretsis

Knowledge is just a strong belief shared internationally that can be changed at any moment.

Emma Goldman

Consciously or unconsciously, most theists see in gods and devils, heaven and hell, reward and punishment, a whip to lash the people into obedience, meekness and contentment.... The philosophy of atheism expresses the expansion and growth of the human mind. The philosophy of theism, if we can call it a philosophy, is static and fixed.

Shannon A. Thompson

Our love was a river, always changing under the mercy of nature’s elements, but we continued to flow, even when we trickled.

Ian Fleming

History is moving pretty quickly these days and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.

Unknown Author

As long as you're moving, it's easier to steer.

Julien Smith

You can change the world again, instead of protecting yourself from it.

Vera Nazarian

Sometimes, being true to yourself means changing your mind. Self changes, and you follow.

Margaret Mahy

It changes you for ever, but you are changing for ever anyway.

Alex Day

If real, regular, normal, boring life, (when you're at home every day, seeing the same people, doing the same things) is like sitting at home on the floor surrounded by toys... traveling feels to me like going to Toys R Us with your toy box and getting to trade stuff in and buy new things and explore whole new ideas.

Unknown Author

Just when the butterfly thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

Dan Pearce

Who I am is not the same minute to minute or day to day. There are far too many variables for that to ever be true, for me, or for anyone.

Les Simple

We all change everyday, when the sun surfaces and when the moon looms. we all change when the seconds revolve into minutes, hours turn into days, weeks rotate into months, and when years circulate into decades. we all change through experiences and hardships. i understand I'm changing whether it's prosperous or defective. Only God knows.

Richelle E. Goodrich

Doing nothing accomplishes nothing, gains nothing, changes nothing, and wins nothing. You have to make a move.

Nityananda Das

It takes great courage to accept the constant changes of the emotions within ourselves, and even more audacity to express them whenever they occur and without filter or delay.

Derek Sivers

You grow (and thrive!) by doing what excites
you and what scares you everyday, not by
trying to find your passion.

Stephen King

People don't get better, they just get smarter. When you get smarter you don't stop pulling the wings off flies, you just think of better reasons for doing it.

C. JoyBell C.

Before, I wanted to say: "I found love!" But now, I want to say: "I found a person. And he belongs to me and I belong to him.

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