Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes

Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes

I felt once more how simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. Nothing else.

I should learn to run, to wrestle, to swim, to ride horses, to row, to drive a car, to fire a rifle. I should fill my soul with flesh. I should fill my flesh with soul. In fact, I should reconcile at last within me the two internal antagonists.

You can knock on a deaf man's door forever.

How simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. . . . All that is required to feel that here and now is happiness is a simple, frugal heart.

Once more I realized to what an extent earthly happiness is made to the measure of man. It is not a rare bird which we must pursue at one moment in heaven, at the next in our minds. Happiness is a domestic bird found in our own courtyards.

If a woman sleeps alone it puts a shame on all men. God has a very big heart, but there is one sin He will not forgive. If a woman calls a man to her bed and he will not go.

True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their

If they were to ask me what road leads to heaven, I would answer them: the most difficult!

Ο διάολος μπορεί και μπαίνει μονάχα στην Κόλαση, ο άγγελος μπορεί και μπαίνει μονάχα στ%

Ο Χριστός είναι παντού, τριγυρίζει απόξω από το χωριό μας, χτυπάει την πόρτα μας, στέκετ%

Ονειρεύομαι να φυσάει άνεμος δυνατός,
να πάρει μακρυά όλα τα σκουπίδια της ζωης μου.

Und das Licht hat geschworen, nicht aufzugeben, aber es weiß, das es keine Rettung gibt, es wird sich nicht ergeben, es erlischt.

Έχεις τα πινέλα, έχεις τα χρώματα, ζωγράφισε τον παράδεισο και μπες μέσα.

Αν μια γυναίκα κοιμηθεί μόνη, ντροπιάζει όλους τους άντρες.

Ο σωστός δρόμος είναι ο ανήφορος.

Η πέτρα, το σίδερο, το ατσάλι δεν αντέχουν. Ο άνθρωπος αντέχει.

Ερχόμαστε από μια σκοτεινή άβυσσο· καταλήγουμε σε μια σκοτεινή άβυσσο· το μεταξύ φωτε

Δεν τον φοβάμαι το Θεό, αυτός καταλαβαίνει και συχωρνάει. Τους ανθρώπους φοβάμαι. Αυτοί

Solange es Kinder gibt die hungern, gibt es keinen Gott!

Είπα στη μυγδαλιά: «Αδερφή, μίλησέ μου για το Θεό». Κι η μυγδαλιά άνθισε.

Κάθε Έλληνας που δεν παίρνει, ας είναι και μια φορά στη ζωή του, μια γενναία απόφαση, προ%B

Και το φως ορκίστηκε να μην παραδοθεί, μα το ξέρει, σωτηρία δεν υπάρχει, δεν θα παραδοθεί

Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels.

It is impossible for me to remember how many days or weeks went by in this way. Time is round, and it rolls quickly.

What do you have to fear? Nothing. Whom do you have to fear? No one. Why? Because whoever has joined forces with God obtains three great privileges: omnipotence without power, intoxication without wine, and life without death.

Beauty always had a purpose: to be of service to life.

How ought we to love God, Father?" he asked in a whisper.
"By loving men, my son"
"And how ought we to love men?"
"By trying to guide them along the right path"
"And what is the right path?"
"The one that rises"
- Nikos Kazanzakis, Christ Recrucified

…Man’s heart is a ditch full of blood. The loved ones who have died throw themselves down on the bank of this ditch to drink the blood and so come to life again; the dearer they are to you, the more of your blood they drink.” - The Narrator.

We are to blame if reality does not take the form we desire. Whatever we have not desired with sufficient strength, that we call nonexistent. Desire it, imbrue it with your blood, your sweat, your tears, and it will take on a body. Reality is nothing more than the chimera subjected to our desire and our suffering.

ولمْ تكنْ عيونهم تشتعل، لقد أطفأت الحرية التوق إلى الحرية. وتمددت الحياة كالماء الهادئ

Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα,δε φοβάμαι τίποτα, είμαι ελεύθερος.

La mia anima viene da mondi migliori
ed ho un'inguaribile nostalgia delle stelle.

The human soul is heavy, clumsy, held in the mud of the flesh. Its perceptions are still coarse and brutish. It can divine nothing clearly, nothing with certainty.

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